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Hopefully you have not heard this 'saying' :

"One can even eat s--t if the gravy's good enough"

I've recently heard that saying bastardized : " You can eat anything when there's enough catsup on it"

Yeah, well not anything and certainly not  Mr. Catsup or should I CORRECTLY say : "KETCHUP" ?

Sadly, I JUST saw John Kerry interviewed (briefly-thankfully) on CNN, while he was somewhere he didn't belong : The Democratic National Convention. John didn't have enough shame to keep moving-no, he made a  few comments, or, well. I should say observations. His observations?- that America has some problems that need to be fixed. When John had the opportunity to fix them 4 years ago, he failed to even clearly identify them. With G.W. Bush as his opponent, John Kerry failed to confront, accuse, or even define  America's troubles and trouble maker(GWB) -now, NOW John wants to tell us, U.S. what America needs. The only clear thing that John Kerry's shown us,US that we don't need is him- JOHN KERRY.

No matter how much-even a BILLION DOLLARS WORTH  of Ketchup-won't make John Kerry palatable-didn't 4 years ago, won't now.

Asking John Kerry's political opinions is like asking me my opinion on who's looking good for next year's Super Bowl.....the difference is that  my GUESS could be correct AND I'd say it w/ passion !!!!!!

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