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by Louie b. Free   | 348 entries


The other eve I was trying to get some current information on Russia's unprovoked invasion of Georgia,a sovereign nation-all I could get  on CNN and elsewhere, was  nonsense about John Edwards'  f*** some trollop while John's wife was getting f** by breast cancer.

Tonight, Sunday night, I saw George Bush on NBC( US president who sent our troops, 5 and a half yrs ago,  into a sovereign nation-an unprovoked attack)watching Olympic swimming in CHINA, a nation that GWB's allowing to rape us, US....then I switched  to CNN and did get a few minutes on the massacre in Georgia---from a smiling  GWB in  Beijing to bloodshed in Georgia....

There was a time that we had an able and ready military that helped keep the world in check-but that was then--this is now.

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