The beautification of '*ugly* -pug one


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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries


Ok.ok. OK-I know-what is beautiful and what isn't? What's ugly and what isn't.
This isn't REALLY about that, it's about perception of beauty, ugly and the selling of such -to us(hey, what about Love?).

I understand that beauty is very subjective. We've all had experience w/this :
One person's *beauty* is another's *ugly* and so on and on so.

This is more about the sale of, or *their* subjective beauty.

Have you seen any minutes of " I Love New York " and / or "Tila Tequila's Shot of Love"? No,
I am not suggesting, or recommending that you waste any of your time viewing these shows.

My best understanding is that the woman known as New York was a contestant on another 'dating' show. Tila, again, my understanding, is an on-line, well, slut.

Both shows have people vying to be the last one standing, or loving .

Now, I'd like to believe that these young woman have attractive qualities other than their popularity.

What's interesting is that the contestants seemed filled w/ adoration for these women.
Oh, btw, Tila's not certain if she's gay or straight or remember, we're *supposedly* talking about LOVE here, not just sex.

Tila's a bit underfed, New York's not, but both woman need to keep adoring eyes below the neck. Does that sound to rough or cruel?

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