Sleepwaking-nap one.


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There are a lot of '*-iacs*' that I've -been called , but THIS one,I would have never (watch this) *dreamed* : insomniac.

Last night, I was starting to watch Bernard Malamud's The Angel Levine w/Zero Mostel and Harry Belefonte. It came on TCM around 1:30 am. I thought maybe I should forego the movie and try to sleep, since last night's sleep was so bad. I really didn't feel sleepy, which,as I write this,is interesting: I RARELY feel sleepy anymore-I get TIRED from lack of sleep-but not sleepy--understand?make sense,or maybe just a semantical issue in *my*,I 'head-to-bed' by 1:40 am and was still wide awake at 2:35 am, slept till 4ish and then,again,wide awake at 5:30, and here I am,oh,btw,it's Sunday morning.

I suppose this is a rather selfish blog. My hopes are that either, as I write, the self-exploration will lead me to some solution/recognition, or one of y'all will.

Now, please understand, I LOVE my sleep- a good, satisfying, deep sleep-wow, it even sounds nice to say it. I had always been a good sleeper- if my objective in getting in bed was to sleep, not intimacy or reading, I was always asleep within minutes after 'head-to-bed'. I always slept soundly,until recently-what's recently??? I'll ask my wife--when she wakes up........

Tuesday.3:17am: This is really troubling-I am tired but not sleepy. I ran this evening,ate hours and hours ago,probably had less coffee today than most-but I know that coffee's not the problem because I don't drink coffee on the week end so....WIDE AWAKE ! I tried lying quietly,reading something 'soft', radio on,radio off,tv on,tv off, and I cannot think of anything that's really bothering me(tonight). 'Twas actually a good day: FINALLY was able to convince 2 of the 3 area TV stations of the importance of the Sheriff's 'issues',(g)CCA's Doc Billak in the studio speaking the truth -passionately -while being taped for the news-my hair was combed and tied back so no complaints at home when the tape rolled-had a nice visit earlier w/a friend-a very complimentary on-air call from former mayor George McKelvey-sweet email,while on-air, from Vene in AZ,email,also while on-air about two new advertisers coming on the show, booked a couple of really good national guests,informative call from Lt.Eric Shine, etc,etc,oh, two good meetings set for tomorrow----so WHY am I WIDE AWAKE?My eyes hurt so I am going to go get my Similasan eye drops..............
3:28 am: My eyes feel better. I am still feeling tired,but not sleepy(understand?-I hope not.)


Tuesday pm: I came home from the show,opened some mail/books, only to find a review copy of: Alternative Medicine Magazine's Definitive Guide to Sleep Disorders7 Ways to Help You Get a Good Night's Rest !!!

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