Lives,well, deaths, as political currency


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by Louie b. Free   | 349 entries


Another "anniversary" of our war in Iraq came and went. A few more newspaper articles,a few more editorials, a few talk show hosts devoting a few minutes to the war, and of course, a *few* more deaths(59 this month-so far). For our so-called *leaders*, those deaths are *political currency*. Offended? Well, you should be outraged! Both Republicans and Democrats are using the blood of our servicewomen and men as political currency -spending that blood, banking that blood,borrowing that blood to further their agendas. Those agendas are not necessarily what's good for America, but those agendas ARE what's good for THEIR parties.

The Republicans are behaving like that old saying:" men won't stop and ask for directions even if they know they're going the wrong way"....or *are* they? Could there be a sinister reason for the ongoing blood shedding,mind shedding, money shedding ? Could the stock market/price of oil have the answer ? Could it be----*politics/power*??

...and what of the Democrats,the so-called: party of the people, when in reality, the Democratic party,nationally, is just another party of and for the party-- not the people-aw, sorry.

Ahh, both parties are using the blood of this nation's soldiers like a crack whore uses her or his lips. FOR THEIR OWN GOOD.

Sickening isn't it?-Well, obviously, not sickening enough.

The New York Times buries the dead soldiers deep w/in the paper before the loved ones,family and friends bury them in the ground(at least they print the names)...but both political parties continue to circulate the 'war dead' like dirty old dollar bills.

The Republicans and Democrats not only spend the blood of our soldiers, this political currency, like drunken submariners docked in the Philippines or like a junkie at an opium den, but they *borrow* on that blood, that political currency, and when THAT debt comes due, well, don't forget,*WE*, *we the people*, we're the bankers that processed the loan!

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