Izzatullah wasifi-valley schooled?


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Izzatullah Wasifi-know him?

Izzy has a new job. Izzy is Afghanistan's new anti corruption chief. He and a staff of 84 people are *charged* with rooting out graft in Afghanistan. Much of that graft is fueled by Afghanistan's opium production-the largest opium producing county in the world *and* they are getting better at it(thanks, in part, to us,U.S.).

So, what's the problem?

Afghanistan needs to put someone in *charge* of their corruption problem.

Wait a bit, I began this blog with the question: Izzatullah Wasifi-know him?

Well, they know him in the Nevada. You see, Izzy was *charged* with something else before he was
*charged* with the responsibilities of being Afghanistan's anti-corruption chief. Izzy was arrested at Caesar's Palace on 15 July,1987 for selling 23 ounces of heroin. *Charged* and convicted of a drug offense, Izzy did nearly 4 years in a Nevada prison.

Hey,Izzy, are you sure you weren't politically schooled in the Mahoning valley?

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