Is zero tolerance a joke?


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by Louie b. Free   | 349 entries


I received a few emails re: the recent "zero tolerance" issue.
Here's one:

I feel safer now that everyone in the city has back tail lights and front license plates. But I guess there is tolerance for the guyz that drive thru down my street @ 3:00 AM at 2 miles per hour with their stereo blasting, I believe that is called Marketing! And we all know what they are selling. Last night there was gunfire from Midnight until I fell asleep. I feel like i'm in Iraq, and I'm amazed that I can sleep with gunfire all around. I guess you can get use to anything.

I don't know whether I'm more upset about this joke that they call zero tolerance. The police are having a hell of a good time pulling over poor people and working people. When I go to work, my office is on Market Street, I feel like a criminal. And I guess I'd be more tolerant if zero tolerance was 24 hours a day instead of 9:00 to 5:00.

I had great hope for this new program, this new mayor and the new chief. But it is just a joke. It has clogged up the courts, cost the tax payers money and as far as I can tell not affected the guyz that are out at night doing bidness as usual. I guess maybe they are "paying more" than the rest of us to the right people?

Thanks Louie.

Here's another:

I don't feel safer in my home at night.I live in Youngstown and hope the changes help, but too many good people that are trying to better themselves get hurt by this. The crackdown seems to be a show for the suburban people that come to work in the city during the day, but I still hear a lot of guns at night.

One more:

The cops have you and your people scared strate ! Get out of Youngstown you long hair dope user magot infested coward.

If you have any comments on the crime issue/"zero tolerance" feel *free* to blog/post below.


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