Bobby,bobby,bobby.-part two


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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries


excerpts from some of the responses to Bobby,Bobby,Bobby-part one:

I read the paper today, saw that Bobby Hagan is the Edwards event
coordinator. I guess Rep. Hagan is hoping that John Edwards will commute the
sentence of Traficant, ban adoptions of babies by republicans, and legalize

He must be reading a different platform than I am.

Louie, Hagen and Traficant have done more for this valley than you ever will.

Bobby loves the attention and thinks he's a Kennedy.

When will the same end for this valley? It ends when we stop putting the same old has beens in office. When will that be? Never.

Louie do you think Edwards campaign knows what Hagan did with this ? You should call them and tell them.

Isn't it time for Chicken Man ?

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