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I am told that the woman executed ,one of the four executed in the Soyo(south youngstown)district of the *new death valley*(see my blogThe New Death Valley 03 Nov.06), got the executioners inside the house. My understanding is that 548 W.Evergreen's doors were barricaded. I also understand that there was no sign of forced entry by the murderer(s). So, he,she or they were let/allowed/welcomed in-correct? I am told-*not by anyone in law enforcement-not by any city official* that Danielle Parker either let or got the killers inside 584 W.E. I am told that Danielle was then, the last executed.

As y'all saw in my last blog:My Hometown...30 Jan.07, the news of the executions at 548 W.E., travelled worldwide. I've been contacted by folks that I know in London,N.Y.C.,Atlanta,Scottsdale,Paris,Toronto,L.A., BigSpring ,TX.,etc. w/the same line:"That's not *your* Youngstown,is it Louie?..." Yep, that's *my Youngstown...*

From the Tributes in the Vindicator or at Vindy.com:

Marvin E. Boone, 19

YOUNGSTOWN xc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x80x9c Services will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 6, at the L.E. Black, Phillips & Holden Funeral Home for Marvin E. Boone, 19, who departed this life Monday, Jan. 29.

Mr. Boone was born Aug. 1, 1987 in Youngstown, a son of David Phifer and Lavette Boon

He attended Life Skills and enjoyed rapping and basketball. He also played football for The Sons of Thunder Little Football League.

He leaves to *cherish his memory* his mother and father, a son, Marvin K. Boone, four sisters, Shanell and Lashonda Boone, Marquala Thomas and Passion Murphy, four brothers, Wayne Kerns, Quinton and Quincy Boone and Kanyexc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2 Eley Jr., and four half brothers, Terrell, Anthony, Jawaun and Tyler Phifer, all of Youngstown; his grandparents, Betty Thomas, Joyce Phifer, Shirley Slocum, Roy Phifer and Bernard Jackson, a great-grandmother, Rose Brown, and his girlfriend, Tionna Gowdy, all of Youngstown; and a host of other family and friends...

"To cherish his memory..." more than 20 family members.

Christopher Howard, who was also executed at 584 W.E. was "...preceded in death by two brothers, Chad and Eric Howard and a niece, Tamara Howard...."

--but you take comfort in a 'them not us' attitude.

The problem is 'them *is* us'.

I've talked endlessly, o're the years, about the education-incarceration-rehabilitation problems in our society, that these are *us* not *them* issues.

These violent sociopaths walk and drive our streets,shop with us, live with us, some even *pray* with us before and after they *prey* on us.

"Antisocial Personality Disorder is chronic, beginning in adolescence
and continuing throughout adulthood. There are ten general

not learning from experience

no sense of responsibility

inability to form meaningful relationships

inability to control impulses

lack of moral sense

chronically antisocial behavior

no change in behavior after punishment

emotional immaturity

lack of guilt


*They* walk among us. This is not a 'walk-away' or 'dandruff' issue, this is not a 'north of Midlothian' issue,an inner-city issue, a black problem, a poor problem, this is *OUR* problem!

Oh, and for the heartless and soul-less, remember, this killer or these killers, this executioner or these executioners, this or these fellow humans capable of this slaughter are still out there, excuse me, they are still with us.........they *are* *us*........

*Riders on the storm*

*Riders on the storm*

*Into this house were born*

*Into this world were thrown*

*Like a dog without a bone*

*An actor out on loan*

*Riders on the storm*

*There's a killer on the road*

*His brain is squirmin like a toad*

*Take a long holiday*

*Let your children play*

*If ya give this man a ride*

*Sweet memory will die*

*Killer on the road, yeah...*

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