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I found this in draft:

Bun-E told me that this was going to be a big story, but one again ,I didn't listen(Todd Rundgren:"It wouldn't have made any difference").
This show has always dealt with the *worsening* problem of racism in this country + Imus is what Imus is: an aging shock-jock.

So what happened this time when Imus' rhetoric *turned* racist ?

Well for one, Imus' word string "scarred" one of the basketball players for life.-for LIFE-scarred by a string of words. Wow, my guess is that her ancestors were enslaved in Africa and then sold to slave traders,transported in chains to America,lived in horrible conditions and whipped and beaten into forced labour...but this college athlete is scarred for life by a string of words. I had thought that we were trying to strengthen this nation, but this reaction, like the reaction to so much of *life* today weakens us. We're not raising stronger young people-we're raising victims. I wonder what this young lady's nappy haired ancestors would think of her reaction? What would the ancestors of this educated,talented young woman with all of the opportunities that this world has to offer-being "scarred for life" by a string of words from an alcoholic, former coke-freak who's appearance gives new meaning to the joke: "a horse walks into a bar and the bartender says: why the long face". A guy who's a SHOCK JOCK ! A guy who pays someone to "...tell nigger jokes..." Wow, I hope this team never goes to a Gallagher, the comedian , show-after all, fruit juice can permanently stain.

I am not minimizing this.

I am not an Imus fan.

I *am* a fan of education and athleticism.

I deplore opportunistic victimizers-I am talking about Al Sharpton, who lacks talent and has Hillary Clinton's ethics and that's probably unfair to Hillary. Our 24 media locked onto Al Sharpton like a lamprey to a shark, or more like a parasite to a parasite.

Racism is still an awful problem in America. The Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project counted 803 active hate groups in the United States in 2005(Ohio has 34,including a Blood and Honour chapter in Salem)

But make no mistake about it-it was white America that crucified Imus the Racist-after all, someone had to die for our sins, some one had to cleanse white America of our racism. Phew, sure glad that racism's dead now.....oh...what's that rumbling buy the cave? Al Sharpton?

(btw:while I am writing this, I'm listening to the news report about Hillary Clinton's [attempting to gain some political currency] speaking to and about the girls,oops,women's Rutgers BBall Team, yeah ladies, listen to Hillary who's example is to marry someone who's political coattails you car ride, no matter how much public humiliation you have to withstand from his cum-stain on a young woman's dress to his vagina scented and flavoured cigars-NOT YOUR vagina scent and flavour - because the *end* is worth the means...keep your head high even though your husband has the head of some girl your daughter's age between his legs...)

It's odd how people think that this incident raised racism's ugly head. Hey folks-that's a head that never lowers.

[Sing:"I am strong(sort of) I am woman,I am Victim!!!]

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