The return of d.d.t.


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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries


Wow, did you see the Democrat debate tonight ???

Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said:xc3xa2xe2x82xacxc5x93The American people were the real winners in tonight's debate..."

What could have possibly been more important?

What?-I'll tell you.

Today, in Washington, the Senate approved a war spending bill and *supposedly* want the troop withdrawals to begin no later than 01 October with a goal of returning
*MOST* forces w/in a year -just before election time!!! (trafe-eaters fear not, there's plenty of pork in this bill). If the next 18 months are as horrific as the last, the death count will exceed One Thousand Three Hundred of this nation's children lost , thousands and thousands wounded and tens of thousands additional minds damaged or lost... *but* I guess that's ok if you are castrato Harry Reid who said the legislation is *"in keeping with what the American people want''* .

With all we know about this war and this president's lies and deceptions that got us,U.S. there, the *Nancy* girls and boys won't even try to impeach, hey they won't even END the war !

So what do they do????- They use D.D.T. : Democrat Diversionary Techniques----they have a debate.

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