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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries


Friday,06April, I had three very interesting young(stown) men in the studio. These three young(stown) men came into the studio to share their hopes and vision for the community that they live in, that I live in and broadcast from. Three men that found each other because of their love of and vision for Youngstown Ohio.

These are bright guys that don't *HAVE* to be here,they CHOOSE to be here. Why do they choose to be here?-They've come to love this area as a gardener loves the dark,rich soil in which they plant seeds that will root and grow into beautiful flowers and delicious fruits and vegetables. They've come to love this area as an architect loves a dilapidated building that they will convert into a palace. They've come to love this area like a cosmetic dentist loves a mouth like mine that they can turn into an attractive smile. They've come to love this area like the Book Babe(Janet Loew) loves an empty library shelf that she knows will soon be filled with books that will entertain,educate and inspire readers. They've come to love this area like an artist loves an empty space on which they can create beauty They've come to love this area because they want more than barren soil,dilapidated buildings,empty shelves,empty spaces and frowns.

Phil Kidd,Janko and Chris Barzak are three bright,creative,intelligently aggressive guys that want to make OUR town a better town to work and/or live in-not just for them,but for US!

Many of us are frustrated-we'd like this area to be better but don't have a clue of what to do. For those who truly would like a better community, I suggest you go to the websites of these young(stown)men.

If this area is to have a positive future, it won't be created by whiners and complainers.

If this area is to have positive future, it *will* be created by those with vision AND the drive AND the skills necessary to make it happen... by the Jankos, the Chris Barzaks , the Phil Kidds and YOU !

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