I'm the last of the matzobrei conspirators pt 1


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D. T.'s dead. He was found days after he died-I was told from a heart attack-I theorize: a self imposed attack on a lonely ,broken heart. That leaves me the last living member of The Matzo-Brei Conspiracy,aka: The Cleansing of the Palms Conspiracy. Now the story must be told-if not,I take it to the grave w/me when I die.

Why do I refer to his heart attack as a self-imposed attack on a lonely broken heart ?

Well, I first met D.T. when I was in elementary school. T. was the son of affluent parents-one distant,one absent. Who wore the pants in that family-both parents did. Mom loved her champion dogs, Dad adored his champion girl friend and as in many families, the kids were left to raise themselves in a love-less home. As the twin brothers fought, the sisters went their own ways. The oldest, a sister, couldn't wait to get out of the house w/her boyfriend, but hey, we're talking aboutD. T., who's initials also describe what was to be some of T.'s DTs w/his alcohol problems. When we were together w/other friends, T and the others would get trashed on alcohol while I got high on...,well, I got high. T and the other friends were bulked-up weight lifters and I a skinny runt. Often, I was the entertainment-not always by choice. One night, while they were drunk and I was seeing hundreds of people floating down to earth, I was the entertainment in the form of a donation to the Salvation Army-yes,T. and company put me into a collection box for the Salvation Army and secured the door. I eventually got out-anyway, I don't think I would have brought much in the thrift store and I don't think any needy family was THAT NEEDY to NEED ME ! On another occasion,DT got drunk w/ another couple of friends, took some of his father's money and they went to the airport,bought some tix and went to Florida. By the time they arrived in Florida, they'd sobered up and, well, then the difficult call home.
T was a really big guy. Add to that the intense weight lifting and T was a force to be reckoned with, among men, that is. With women, DT seemed to lack real manliness . T lacked the decency to go into the drug store and buy his rubbers-NOT OVERSHOES-prophylactics,CONDOMS, you young ones ! Ok,I don't get it either- what woman,especially a young woman, would spread her legs for a 'man' that wouldn't step up to the counter?-Answer: T's girlfriends !Years later T again passed his manhood to a friend who took T's pregnant girlfriend to NYC for an abortion-they weren't available here(legally) then. The friend had to force T. to buy T.'s girl a present and dry her tears-T's concern again, was for himself. Does it sound like I'm speaking ill of the dead ?-Not nearly enough-yet.
I was never able to find out what really ate at T, yet his taste for alcohol certainly ate away at his internal organs and probably contributed to T.'s early death. T was a very heavy drinker at a very early age. Could it have been his uninterested mother and absent father ? Although strong and big,DT never seemed to be satisfied with what HE had and lusted for what belonged to others w/o care of who got hurt in the way. DT had a friend who morns DT much more than I who's wife was always a target of DT's. So why am I writing about DT? Do I miss him? Actually, I miss the conspiracy as DT and I ,although never had an actual falling out, drifted apart, or let me say, I lost interest as DT continued to hurt some of those close to him-maybe I just wanted away b/4 getting caught in the wake . At my wedding reception, I was called to one of the bar areas where DT was provoking a fight w/other guests. He also came on to another old"friend's" wife(yeah, what a friend-huh?). I was really angry at him for causing trouble at MY wedding *reception*-he failed to show at the wedding. Along w/proposing marriage to my wife/then live-in girlfriend-I proposed that we give tickets to the reception w/the location of the reception AFTER the wedding ceremony. I'm offended at those who love to attend receptions but have no interest in the actual wedding.

"So, where's the reception?"

"You'll find out after the wedding-You'll be given tickets w/the location AFTER the ceremony!

My wife didn't like the idea then.

T.'s drinking continued-as many others drank for fun-T. drank for trouble. As I said before,T. and I drifted as we 'matured'. I saw less and less friendship w/him as I assume he did w/me.


end part 1

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