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OK, so I am correct *again*.-So what?


I recall talking w/the Deputy Drug Czarette while in exile in Ashtabula. Her *people* called my *person*(rabbit) and requested air time to talk about some exhibit *they* were doing on the lake. Being the gracious host that I am, I allowed her to speak her piece b/4 speaking mine. When she was done w/her's, I proposed the following:

1) Secure the poppy fields

2) Analyze the soil and yr/round weather conditions and determine what else(other than poppy) might be able to be grown in the area

3) Supply the poppy farmers w/seed,training and security

4)Purchase the yield,be it roses to rice, for up to 10times the $$$ amt of the raw opium(the poppy farmers are successful when they earn enough to buy wheat for the winter)

It is my feeling that $1 spent in this way in Afghanistan will save $1,000+ here in the U.S.of A. on the disingenuous , so-called *War on Drugs*, not to mention the misery...

The Deputy Drug Czarette said,"Good ideas Louie, we'll call you when I return to Washington DC to continue the discussion..."(a call that never came and mine never returned).

The NYX's: " This year's harvest will be around 6,100 metric tons of opium-a staggering 92% of the total world supply.It exceeds the global consumption by 30%...the harvest increased by 49% from the year before,and outpaced the previous record of 4,600 metric tons,recorded in 1999 while the Taliban governed the country."

How many missed opportunities?

How many misdirections?

How many lives lost?

How many lives destroyed?

How many billions of dollars misspent?

How many LIES believed at such a cost?

Those of you who *believe* that we are honestly and honourably fighting a WAR ON DRUGS _ and/or WAR ON TERROR
only need read the easily available information to KNOW_ that we are doing neither!

~Louie b.

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