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Tonight I was going to write about disgraced former lawmaker Mark Foley --confirming who and what he is and certainly, what he is not----but that was before the phone conversation that I just finished.

A few days ago, I was told that Bob Fitzer had been diagnosed w/cancer of the pancreas-one of the most aggressive forms of cancer.

Most that read this blog know Bob. Bob, along w/ Dr. Wm Binning-chair of Youngstown State University's political science dept and former Mahoning county Republican party fearless leader - hosted Commentary Cafe a.k.a : On the Grille w/Bob and Bill which was heard on WYSU-FM every week. Most remember the Democrats for Change movement that Bob was very active in--- and who can forget the Speed of Sound classic cover art that Bob brainfathered? Hey, and the Anthony's Blueblooded-Neathaired birdwatching down-by-the-river incident ???--truly a classic story regardless of who tells it or how ('course, WE heard the truth from the birder himself on the LbF Radio Show last year -live on air-during the *what would have been* Commentary Cafe's 10 Anniversary Show).

So, I just spoke with Bob and had my fears confirmed-Bob DOES have pancreatic cancer. Bob shared this thought with me: " Louie, if I had died from a massive heart attack I would never have had the opportunity to say, Louie, I love you-to you,Louie and to the others in my life that I love..." Wow, there's that lesson *again* : why do we wait-often till it's too late-to tell those that we love that we do love them? Why do we make such an important act, such powerful,meaningful,important words do difficult to say-so rare ??? Why does it so often take sadness,impending death,loss to move us, to motivate us, almost forcing us to verbally express our love for each other ? Why doesn't merely the joy of life, the exhilaration of love move us to express ourselves ? ahh, maybe I'll attempt to deal with those questions in another in the *Unanswered Knock of Love* whatevers, but for now:



11 Oct 06

~Louie b.

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