Foley-national journal insiders poll brief


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by Louie b. Free   | 348 entries


For the Political Insiders Poll in this weekxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s National Journal, political insiders from both parties were asked to predict the number of House seats, if any, the Foley page scandal will cost Republicans in the November election. Responses ranged from 0 seats to 10 or more seats.

The average of the responses from the 71 Republican insiders was a loss of 2.6 seats, while the average from the 73 Democratic insiders was a more aggressive 3.4 seats lost. In their comments, insiders from both parties cited the Republican leadershipxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s handling of the situation as a factor in their calculation, rather than just former-Rep. Foleyxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s actions.

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