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Ok, now EVERYONE's mad at me, well, at least the Democrats, the WINNING Democrats.
Election-Tuesday night I received many, many calls from 'round this nation and even London re: the 'big win'='red 2 blue', etc

Why am I not happy?-Happy, why am I not *THRILLED!*?
Well , there are two parts to my pessimism-national and local.
Let's deal w/national first.
Why am I not excited about the Democratic sweep?
Should I be?
I am so tired of hearing-AFTER THE FACT/ELECTION-that the Democrats won , when in fact,the Republicans lost.
I do not believe that most people know why they voted FOR a Democrat.
Sure, we know what the political ads told us:
1) Republicans have corrupted government(this time)
2) Republicans made a mess out of Iraq
3) and what?-that's it!

Look at it like this:
You go to the doctor and she says "your blood work shows that you've got leukemia ...thanks for coming...good bye."

You: " Hey doc, wait a minute-ok, you've told me the problem, but now, what do I do about it ?"
-You wouldn't just go home and wait to ...die-eh?

Unfortunately, our two party(thus far) system is failing us,US.
And we,us,U.S., have gone home and ARE waiting to die.

For this entire campaign, we've heard the Democrats rail,grown,moan and lambaste "Republican corruption".

The initial democrat proposals would prohibit members accepting gifts,meals,travel from lobbyists. Lobbyists would be required to disclose ALL contacts w/lawmakers and bar former lawmakers-turned-lobbyists(an all too common practice) from entering the floor of the chambers or congressional gymnasiums.

No mention of independent enforcement of the proposed rules.

No campaign financing overhaul.

No restriction of lawmakers 'pet projects' which they can anonymously insert into spending bills.

-AND, internal dissent has already begun w/our 'new,strong,*ethical*" Democratic leadership" as to how *far* to go in changing the rules. -You mean the *ethicalization* of Congress?-Maybe they're just afraid of stepping on their own tails-or the tails of their bankrollers?

Too many Democrats,like Republicans have close ties to former staffers,family members, and of course , former CONGRESSMAN who are in the lobbying business.

~Louie b.



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