Red w/the blood of our children


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by Louie b. Free   | 348 entries


I remember-years ago-talking about how the streets of the east & south sides of Y-town were "...running red w/the blood of our children while the 'leaders' our community...", well, you remember.

Today's Vindicator arrived w/this headline:
"2 young men found shot to death"

2 young men

shot to death

Again, more young lives lost- more blood of OUR children.

Last week was a difficult week. I was criticized(again) for my comments re: Sheriff Wellington
ability to 'Sheriff'. Some of those politicians/elected officials who've told me how correct I am re: the Sheriff-reminded me that their comments were indeed "off the record".

Well, the death of these 2 young men is certainly ON THE RECORD.
Also ON THE RECORD is the fact that we have public officials continuing to do the public's business in private-that IS when they meet. Last week the Dysfunctional Mahoning County Criminal Justice Working(sic)Group's meeting was canceled.The reason,I was told,was that there wasn't any current 'business' to deal with.
Hmm, someone needs to inform 'the group' that the good C.C.A's STILL unable to access the L.E.A.D.S. computer system files to provide ACCURATE,up to date and COMPLETE pre-sentence information to the Mahoning County Common Pleas Court-where THEY(g.CCA) are contracted to do just that!-The Sheriff's signed the agreement and won't provide the access which would allow our Judges to more correctly sentence those convicted of felony crimes in their/our courts?

This time,the blood of those "2 young men found shot to death" is behind 1630 Park Vista-next time the blood of our children may be on the hands of our elected officials.


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