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Every elected official KNOWS that Mahoning County Sheriff,Randall Wellington's effective time in office has come and gone yet NO ONE'S TALKING-why?

I am criticised when I call or refer to "The Group" as the Mahoning County Criminal Justice (NON) Working Group-criticised by WHOM? -by members of "The Group" .

I am criticised when I attempt to attend these meetings of public officials doing the public's business in private-by WHOM?-by members of "The Group".

I am criticised when I refer to the 'work' of "The Group" as "The Duping of Judge Dowd, or the Dowdy Duty Show"-by WHOM?-by members of "The Group".

I am criticised when I refer to Sheriff Wellington as Sleepy Wellington in my story:"Snow Job and the 7 Dwarfs" EVEN THOUGH I watched him fall asleep 3 times during a one hour Corrections Committee Meeting-only to be woken up 'discreetly' by Prosecutor Paul Gains-criticised by WHOM?-by members of "The Group"
I could go on,and on, and on....

My question is this:

I no longer want to hear any of y'all coming up to me saying:"Louie, off the record, you're right about the Sheriff!"
Hey,I KNOW I am correct about the Sheriff!
YOU know I am correct!-It's time YOU ,the elected officials of Mahoning County-city included, come forward and show some integrity and courage.
The Chamber of Commerce can defend this area's growth/record and you can agree or disagree, but the Sheriff's inability to do his job is NOT in question!

The Vindicator's Bertram DeSouza AGAIN stated the same on my show today.

THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of prisoners have been released prematurely
from the jail overseen by Sheriff Wellington.
Is it his fault?
Certainly, in part!

A number of years ago before my being exiled from this area's airwaves,I chastised an elected official for doing a 'photo op' of sweeping the steps of Y-Town's City Hall:
"...he's sweeping the steps of City Hall while the streets on the south and east sides of this town run red w/the blood of our children..."
his response was :"What would Mr.Free have me do?"
Well, I can tell you as I told him what you DON'T do-you don't stand idly by the blood of your city's children.If it's a funding issue and not available here, you have the photos of the murdered children blown up to poster size,have them mounted and take them to the Statehouse steps and hold a news conference while calling out to the state reps and senators for help.If that doesn't work take the same photos to Washington DC.

Doing nothing-going along to get along is NOT working here!

Am I the ONLY one outraged at the silence of our elected officials AND some of the county employees who are feathering their OWN nests with the bloody feathers of this community?

Mahoning County Prosecutor Paul Gains whom I've had respect for said to me in front of others:" If I say something negative about the Domer[Wellington],I inherit HIS political friends as MY political enemies." To which I responded"Paul,this is NOT about you!"

Now hear me-this criticism is NOT limited to Paul who has spoken out to me , or at least AT me.

THIS is the responsibility of the Mahoning County Commissioners,many Common Pleas Court Judges, ALL of those on "The Group" who've seen this FIRST HAND, those nest feather-ers in the Sheriff's department and more.
YOUR silence and inaction allows incompetence to prevail and crime to negatively affect the lives of those whom are least able to deal with it.

Oh, and not only to the poor and to abused women and children but what about Deputy Vivacua?

~Louie b.

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