"now it is the time for voters to do their part and make charlie wilson..."


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Charlie Wilson Congressional Campaign Released Final Field Operation Report

Bridgeport, OH xc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x80x9cThe Charlie Wilson for Congress Campaign released today the final numbers and accomplishments of the field operation for the write-in campaign.

"We feel extremely confident that the electorate is comfortable with the new voting machines and the write-in process," Jason Burke, campaign manager for Charlie Wilson for Congress, said. "They also know Charlie Wilson is the right guy to represent them in Washington, DC. He will fight for good paying jobs, better health care and protection of Social Security."

The field program was put in place just six weeks ago, but was able to accomplish a lot in that short amount of time. The canvass, both paid and volunteer, knocked on 36,000 doors, averaging 1,000 doors a night. Over 840 people have offered their time to volunteer for the campaign. The campaign is hoping to have 1,000 volunteers by Election Day.

"We have done everything we could possibly do to be successful," Burke said. "Now it is the time for voters to do their part and make Charlie Wilson the fifth person in American History to win a write-in campaign for Congress."
>There seems to be no limit to the shame that the Democratic Party wishes to perpetrate upon itself,this Valley, this nation. Time and time again, what WAS the 17th District of Ohio sent a mob-connected,corrupt,self-centered jerk to Washington.Now,Charlie Wilson who,for whatever reason FAILED to obtain 50 valid signatures from the 6th District(part of the former 17th)wants US to write HIS name in to further humiliate this area. Joe Teague obtained enough signatures in the past. William Flickenger obtained 150 valid signatures to run for mayor of the city of Youngstown-Flickenger did that from out of the loop-as a political outsider. Flickenger didn't cry and beg us to write his name in because he failed to get the petitions signed-no,he GOT the petitions signed! Now comes Charlie Wilson, an Ohio State Senator w/whom in Washington "...party officials and strategists from BOTH parties are incredulous. You don't expect to see this kind incompetence in a race of this magnitude."says Charlie Mahtesian,editor of the Almanac of American Politics (www.nationaljournal.com ) . I know,if not Charlie Wilson then Republican Blasdell-PLEASE don't give me the lessor of 2 evils crap-give me great or at least good candidates!!!

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