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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries


below is a copy of a letter that I just sent to the Democratic Nat'l Committee's Assistant Press Secretary - Radio Operations:

Shripal ,
My intent is not to have an adversarial relationship w/you or anyone at the DNC or affiliates.
I am one of a remaining handful of independent progressive broadcasters --- one of the few remaining outlets that still welcomes independent progressive thought. Personally and professionally I am surprised at the lack of outreach from the DNC. If "we" were 'ahead' politically-not by poll numbers which are primarily anti-Bush not pro-Democrat, possibly the lack of reverberations from HQ might be temporarily acceptable-that is far from the case. In the past, had present and /or retired military personnel come out against the Republican leadership-my producer and I would have been deluged w/ phone calls and emails asking then ,if necessary,begging for air time w/ progressive military personnel on our show. Today,I was prepared w/ content marking the "Mission Accomplished" anniversary. Well beyond morning drive time-hours into my show-I received an email w/suggested guests to contact re: the "Mission Accomplished" anniversary. If my show w/ a staff of myself and my producer Bun-E,here in Ohio can be prepared-where was the DNC? We built a show on the past anniversary of the beginning of this immoral,illegal,unethical,'un-winable' war-certainly,the DNC should have been part of that. We were the ONLY Ohio show to interview GoreVidal when he wrote the introduction to the book"What Went Wrong In Ohio"-we did that w/o any DNC assistance when I know that the DNC should have been requesting Ohio radio to interview Gore Vidal. Shripal, you can either take my comments and utilize them constructively to increase a troubled party's effectiveness, or dismiss them. We've maintained constructive relationships w/The Nation,InTheseTimes,MotherJones,FAIR.org,Gore Vidal,MarioCuomo,GregPalast,etc.
Democratic Party failures are fodder for talk radio-sadness for progressives and elation for conservative shows. It's not enough to vote against Republicans as per Nancy Pelosi's "...Reasons to Vote Democrat" when in fact the fundraising letter listed reasons NOT to vote Republican not TO vote Democrat! Names of Republicans -as awful as they may be-are NOT reasons to vote for any Democrat.
Inaction and or arrogance at/from the DNC will continue to dilute the Democratic ideals,allow this war to send home more body bags,limbless soldiers,blind,deaf and deranged veterans and a poor,disappearing former middle-class so many of US w/o hospitalization and hope. I dare conclude w/this Shripal, the DNC's done a better job of keeping Howard Dean under wraps than the Bushocracy did in keeping America's First Prime Minister,Dick Cheney under wraps post-9/11!
~Louie b. Free

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