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Ok, I'm supposed to write about politics/society/social issues/current "events",etc-so what's this? Love? I know-the majority of the readers of this blog-and I must add that I am delighted with the increase in readership-but I know that most probably haven't made it to THIS point.- And THAT'S the problem:

What happened to LOVE?

What are we SO busy w/in our lives that we don't take time for love?

OK-how do YOU know Louie? How do YOU know what people take time for?

Well, look around. It's strange-we have all of this technology that supposedly brings us together/helps us stay in communication w/each other, but it's my contention that all of this communication technology helps keep us apart.
It's really easy to email,call or text a message to people that years ago we'd have met w/to talk w/ and be with. Years ago we'd have met w/a group of people and now we email or text a group instead of seeing them or talking w/them personally. Are we really better off w/ the technology? Do you feel more in touch? More in tune ? Together? Instant messaging and emails allow us communication w/o spoken words. Sure,we can add expression w/some email programs,pictures w/some cell phones, smiley faces,frowny faces, even PrimeMinisterCheney smirkey faces-but can we really express ourselves better w/today's technology? I found some letters and postcards that my grandfather sent to my grandmother-REAL LOVE LETTERS-hand written LOVE LETTERS. I've also seen some letters that my father wrote while in Europe during W.W.II to a girl back in the states that an army buddy knew. He introduced them through the mail when he found out that my father was of the same ethnicity as this girl back home who later became his wife and my mother. Hand written letters-when was the last time you wrote one? I am equally guilty. I used to love writing on unusual items,inside of appropriate packaging,on beautiful paper,w/unusual pens , etc. I loved sending 'picture postcard' to friends.

Ok Louie, so what does all of this have to do w/ "The Unanswered Knock of Love" ?-I'm not certain yet. What I am certain of is that I do not believe that we humans are better at communicating and communication IS the key to love. Communication is more than words.Communication is all kinds of actions AND inactions. Sure, we can send emails in different colours, but we cannot see the colour in the eyes when someone receives that email-nor can we see the expression on their face,the movement of their mouth, or hear their laughter or see their tears.

So what's missing in this world w/ all of these new methods of communication? All of this communication that I believe is pushing us further apart?

There are countless new dating/matchmaking services on line that allow us to hurry up and fore-go real communication . "Take a multiple point test and we'll match you up with like-minded individuals scientifically!.-SCIENTIFICALLY???-you betcha! Why "waste" time on communicating w/ others when you can test your way to successful love. Yeah,I know, there's countless people who've been matched by these services and are now in loving relationships and I am glad and I am certain the world's a better place because of their love. I just would hope that people used those services as a last resort instead of a first attempt.

So,Louie, what about the "unanswered knock of love?"-I'm not sure yet,but let's continue:

I have a friend ( wow-i have a FRIEND!)who recently told me : "My Blackberry( a cell phone w/email and Internet access) broke down and I was schedule's on there, my phone numbers/contacts, obviously my cell phone...Louie ,I was LOST!..."

Wow-LOST !

We 've become so reliant on these electronic technologies that we don't function well w/o them.

So your device(s) break down and what do YOU do?

You can't call anyone because you don't have a phone--sure you could look for a payphone-tried to do that recently?-Have any luck finding one that works? Have change? NOT a quarter or a dime like they used to be(hmmm, phone calls have become much less expensive yet pay phone calls have doubled).-Hey, and do you know their number? Gotta pay for information as a separate call-IF the number's listed !

Do you know where you're supposed to be?-your schedule/calendar's in the phone or your laptop or palm organizer--all broke down! -got it in your memory-the one in your brain,not your laptop, or have you forgotten to store those things in your brain memory? Too reliant on technology?

So-ya don't know where you're supposed to be, who to call and when AND what their number is-gee you don't even know WHO you're supposed to know w/o the tech devices!

Ah-ok, calm down, the network will be up in just a bit(you hope!).So what now? What do we do? Aw crap, now the radio,cd player,ipod doesn't work! Gonna sing and dance to "skip to my lou my darling"?-Naw.

So what? ALL of your resources-all that you rely on-EVERY THING'S temporarily(you HOPE) down.

Think you can have an uninterrupted conversation w/someone and if so-w/whom?

No outside calls-no emails-no music other than the sound of each other's voice???

No internet searches.

No video games.

No distractions from actual conversation!!! With whom and why??

Can't do business-can't schedule.

Maybe a game of Red Rover or Twister?

What will you hear w/o any distractions?


What do we miss while distracted by these technological devices?

We've all heard that dope-smoker stunner:"If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it - does it make a sound?"(while were here,let me enlighten you-yes). [btw-the best dope-smoker stunner is: "What were we just talking about"]

So,Louie, is THAT what you're talking about w/The Unanswered Knock of Love ?- I don't know yet-let's continue:

We hear the term "Love" used often:
"I LOVE you"

"Looking for Love"

"Unconditional Love"-hey, now there's one!-Unconditional love,love w/o conditions, sans condition-"I LOVE you sooo much and sooo special that my LOVE comes w/o caveats, "YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO LOVE ME BACK"----WOW!
Can we humans do that?, Well, we can try.

Is that how you learn to love-by trying? Kinda like riding a bicycle w/o training wheels-by trying?-or is LOVE something that we have in us that just needs to be let out.-Do we have to practice love until we get good at it so that it's GOOD LOVE, then BETTER LOVE hey-then BEST LOVE-UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ? -or does Love just come naturally? Does anything from good to wonderful ever come naturally ? Well, vision for most of us comes naturally, but REAL SEEING takes time , desire,will and practice. Communication ,either by language or sign/body takes time and practice. Hey-hearing comes naturally, but REAL LISTENING takes practice,time,will and desire. Even our sense of taste develops slowly. So, what about love ? We have new technology for improving eyesight-an operation that at least temporarily improves eyesight eliminating the need for glasses-and hey, glasses certainly work for aging eyes. Hearing aids for hearing loss or impairment. Assuming that eyesight and hearing diminishes w/age-


-does LOVE diminish w/age?

What,if anything, can we do to improve LOVE? We know we can boost sexual interest and skills w/ anything and everything from lingerie,movies,drugs,latex,rubber,steel, battery and manually operated devices and for the skilled-AC powered devices-but that's SEX-what about LOVE-hey, aren't they connected?

Well, sometimes-kinda like a Watson-Crick double helix ?

-2/b continued

c./b.Free Radio,Ltd
Louie b.

26 June 06 9:23 p

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