The unanswered knock of love,part iv.


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The Unanswered Knock of Love,part IV.

xc3xa2xe2x82xacxc5x93You know I need it

To ride in your car

I know itxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s dangerous

Youxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2re going too far

Ixc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2m always with you

Wherever you go

This is a sensual

The way you drive is just sensational

I hate to love you

Love you all the same

You know baby

Driving is a serious gamexc3xa2xe2x82xacxc2x9d [Yello -I Love You]

[Louie, how many parts of these are there going to be?

-not too many more as Ixc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2m not good w/Roman Numerals]

Ok Louie, then why so very much pain associated w/ Love ?

-Please donxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t start w/the tough questions.

Hey,but really ,why so much pain ? Louie, youxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2re in pain now related to Love-WHY ?

Well, being the autodidact that I am, I can only do some guessing:

Is love-pain like hunger pangs ? Does the absence of Love xc3xa2xe2x82xacxcbx9cpangxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2 us like the lack of food? When we donxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t get enough Love, do we gasp for it as we do when we donxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t get enough air?-and why do we YEARN for Love ???

Do we hurt, can we hurt, to the depth that we Love ?

IOW(in other words), If we Love very deeply, then we hurt just as deep as we Love. I often wonder about those who donxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t seem to feel emotional pain-can they Love ? - Again, IS THE DEGREE THAT WE CAN HURT EMOTIONALLY RELATED TO THE DEGREE THAT WExc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2RE ABLE TO LOVE? Do we feel emotional pain to the same depth as we feel Love? Is there a relationship between emotional pain and the ability to Love? We all know someone who never exhibits any emotional pain- their parents die,a close friend/family member becomes very ill, they have difficult financial timesxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x80x9dand never show any emotional pain, no tears, not even a sigh !-Can they Love as I understand Love ?

We sometimes worry that our Love is deeper than the one we Love instead of just Loving and receiving- if given ! Soooo, therexc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s degrees to/of Love ?

Hey,Youxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2re asking ME ? Whatxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s my expertise ?

Gee, I donxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t even know at this point whoxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s asking and whoxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s answering !!!

Those that Love are experts of/on THEIR Love -correct ?

Can we REALLY Love unconditionally ?

I believe we can Love our animal family members unconditionally OR is it xc3xa2xe2x82xacxcbx9cobligationallyxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2 ?

We had a rescue rabbit ,Lovey that never warmed up to humans but LOVEDxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x80x9c he was bonded w/and to- his partner Peacey. They were both xc3xa2xe2x82xacxcbx9cfixedxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2 so their relationship had no sexual basis. Did I Love Lovey even though he showed no affection back to me ? ABSOLUTELY-my proof ? He died a few years back and my eyes fill w/tears as I write about my little guy. I was unable to do the show for a few days after his death and was only able to pull out of my sadness by writing tear-stained letters to my little Lovey. Was that unconditional Love or obligational Love ?

OK, so what about unrequited Love ?

Does the LOVER still LOVE when Lovexc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s not returned? Hmmmxc3xa2xe2x82xacxc2xa6Is THAT(unrequited Love) unconditional Love ?-nope, the mere desire or anticipation for returned Love negates the xc3xa2xe2x82xacxcbx9cunconditionalityxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2 of xc3xa2xe2x82xacxcbx9cdaxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2 Love-correct?(hey,donxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t ask ME,Ixc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2m just listening inside your head!).

Can we humans-DO we humans want or need to unconditionally Love ?

If TRUE Love IS unconditional-doesnxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t the mere stating of it negate it-or am I getting to far gone(again) ?

Is the xc3xa2xe2x82xacxcbx9cunconditionalxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2 Love that therapists,psychologists ,poets and writers talk about just a bit of a ploy or play on words-ah, semantics-huh?

Wait! hold on! Who NEEDS to be Loved unconditionally? Isnxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t that what folks like the Rescue Mission and Fish Samaritan House do ?

Maybe, just maybe CONDITIONAL LOVExc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2S best for us humans-yeah!,Maybe that UN- Conditional Love stuff is crap! After all, sans condition,itxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s a one way street ! Itxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s a millennium thing-itxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s all about me and fuck you! Love me ! Maybe thatxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s why we have so many divorces and singles w/o any hopes,dreams,prospects of being married or even together.-HUH?

~Louie b.

end pt IV( Vxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2s coming !)

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