The unanswered knock of love ,part iii


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"I remember how the darkness doubled, I recall lightning struck itself,
I was listenin, listenin' to the rain, I was hearin', hearin', something else..."
(Tom Verlaine[Television]-Marquee Moon)

ok, here we go again...

Q) Go where Louie ?

A) Where ever this takes us.

Q) Where's that?

A) That's what I'm trying to find out.

Q) So, how can you get somewhere if you don't where you're going? I mean don't you need a destination or are you just 'going w/the flow' ?

A) Going w/the flow ???- P-a-lease !!! Baby, I'm rowing and ruddering w/o a destination. Ok-somethings driving this, just not certain which one of 'us' and where to, but there IS a destination. Didn't ya ever just get in the car and go ?? Didn't you ever just get in the boat and row and row ? Get on a bus to 'somewhere' ? Put your thumb out years ago only knowing your east,west,north south and find out where your going once you got there ?? wait Wait WAIT,before you answer, isn't that how you first fell in LOVE ? You weren't 'going there' were you? You didn't PLAN on falling in LOVE-hey, it's called "FALLING" in Love-ever wonder why ??? Ok- my theory is because it's not a destination.

I had a bad fall at the Ledges many years ago. I had eaten at a delicatessen just before going to the Ledges-that's the Psychedelicatessen for the uninitiated- i mistook a tiny growth coming out of a crack in a rock for a large tree and had quite a fall-probably only saved by my lunch's effect on my relaxation. Was my desired destination to be bounced off some solid rocks finally onto the ground where a crowd had gathered to witness my---smile ? BELIEVE ME-that fall took me where "IT" wanted. I couldn't ,wouldn't have directed myself THAT WAY to THAT destination--hence a FALL---to FALL in love !
A FALL is not an intention , actually an accident-correct ? Let's check the Oxford Shorter:

WOW an entire page of "FALL" !(most rather negative)
ok, how about these:
FALL IN FOR : come in for
FALL IN WITH : happen to meet
FALL IN UPON: come upon or drop in upon chance

hey, while I'm in my Shorter
Oxford, let's check out LOVE !

LOVE[noun]: 1) that state of feeling w/regard to a person which manifests itself in concern for the person's welfare, pleasure in his or her presence, and often also desire for his or her approval(obviously 'conditional' love); deep affection,strong emotional attachment

So how about we put two together:

FALL IN WITH + LOVE= 'happen to meet' (someone and then feel...) 'that state of feeling w/regard to a person which manifests itself in concern for the person's welfare, pleasure in his or her presence, and often also desire for his or her approval; deep affection,strong emotional attachment' .

Not with a goal,intention,destination,map, kinda like an accident w/wonderful results -right??

Can one really go out w/the intention on finding LOVE and actually find it ?

That's NOT how I found my Wife of 27 years (of maybe She found me !)
Nope, I was out w/my then girlfriend she was a tough broad and I a tough guy(quasi-biker days or DAZE i should say). It was like this:
Late night Mexican Restaurant, maybe 2:30 am-waitress comes to our table,looks at me and says :

waitress: "Is your name Louie ?"

me: "Who wants to know?"(see what I mean?)

waitress: " there's someone up front that thinks she knows you"

me: " well, tell 'someone' if they think they know me to walk back here and find out "(again, see?)

The waitress went back up front and I went back to my jalapeno peppers, beans & rice and failing relationship. Then , down the aisle came this BEAUTIFUL woman who's butt length blonde hair was swishing side to side as were he hips.Her sky blue eyes smiling at me. That woman later told me that my then girlfriend was giving her fire eyes especially when I stood up(like the gentleman I was raised to be) and hugged this woman whom I hadn't seen for a few years. We WERE just friends years ago, although I always found her to be a beautiful woman with a magnificent rack whom I never thought I'd have a three cent penny chance with. My destination THAT night was for some late night Mexican food, a variey of drugs, home to argue then take out our tensions w/a long before sleep fuck -NOT to find LOVE, not to find my then future WIFE !

ok,Ok,OK!! but are we talking about an unanswered knock of ROMANTIC LOVE ?

Remember, guys THINK they're in love w/the first woman that gives them an orgasm ! Come-on, guys, I know you don't like me giving out the male secrets(right Kate White?) but who can forget these words :

Him: " oh baby, oh baby,Oh baby ,OH baby,OH Baby, OH BABY ,I L-O-V-E Y-O-U, ohhh,mmmmmm........"

Her: "You said you LOVE me ???"

Him: "I did ?"

Her: "Well, do you?"

Him : "Are you gonna do THAT again ?"

Well, that's certainly NOT the unanswered knock of love !

end: the UNANSWERED KNOCK OF LOVE pt III- part IV coming !

PLEASE feel free to comment below or email me. I'd "love" to hear YOUR reactions,comments,responses,thoughts,etc to these ...these pieces.

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02 July 06

12:27 a

~Louie b.

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