"last night the wind come and blow down the shutters outside my house..."


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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries


"Last night the wind come and blow down the shutters outside my house..."-actually, last night(Saturday) I went solo to the Steelhounds hockey game at the ChevyCentre. Walking down the stairs after the game my faith in humanity (well...in some) was affirmed. A young hipster, a young man in his early twenties-a schtarker, baseball hat, sports-team sweatshirt,oversize jeans,etc was also walking the stairs w/his brother who was older and retarded/Down's syndromed. I heard the young hipster say to his brother:" So hey, did you have a good time...wasn't that a great game...?" The young hipster was not out getting loaded w/his buddies looking to score - which I am certain he could have, he was w/ his brother showing *him*, his bro, a good time instead of being shown a good time by some easy pieces. Could he have gone out later to score? -Yeah, but he made certain that his brother scored first. If he *did* go out later to score-I hope he got a triple-header,he deserved it- lucky the young lady or ladies to be w/ a real man.

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