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"....we can no longer be pro-active[in our policing] in[this township] in any way."

"Louie, if I see a blatant traffic violation, I have to ignore it..."

"Every call here in town is priority-based of course, the problem is becoming that some calls that used to be high priorities rarely are responded to."

Law Enforcer:"Louie , you talked about the dumb quote in the Vindicator after the murder stats came out. One of our guys asked how they[Morgan Quinto Press] arrived at the stats.I heard you screaming in your high faggy voice about that. You said something like..."

Louie:" I'll tell you what I said in my high faggy voice. I said that I know how they arrived at their[Morgan Quinto Press] numbers,they simply divided the murders into the population, which as I said,I believe is lower than the population used which, if I am correct, would mean we have an even higher murder rate..."

L.E.: " And no one cares until it happens to someone they know or a family member or in their neighborhood...the situation is getting so bad here,that outside of us[cops],you and some of the people in City Hall, unless you are directly hit by the problem,you don't know..."

LbF: " Or don't care..."

"...so my afternoons and evenings are spent transporting the same shoplifters,over and over again to the jail, just for them to get released and back to the stores to shoplift some more..."

" You're right on when you[Louie] talk about the our risks every time we make a stop....you care...does anyone else ?
"I spend my shift transporting the same people again and again to the jail and back again..."

Police Officer:"People don't care unless it directly affects them."

Louie: "But it *does* directly them."

P.O.:"Yeah,Louie, but unless it's *their* stuff getting swiped,stolen, they don't care."

LbF: " So the average resident of this suburb doesn't realize..."

P.O.:"Louie, the average resident doesn't have a clue...they think that things are as they've always been....when they realize what's going on,it'll be too late..."

LbF:" Too late? What do you mean too late?"

P.O.:"Not for me,I'll be gone, but the residents of this township don't realize that the problems of Youngstown aren't coming here to Boardman, they ARE here in Boardman. We are unable to deal with the problems with our current force. Even if we could get '*caught up'*, the county court here in Boardman doesn't have the ability to put them[offenders] in jail and keep them there....come on Louie, you talk about it everyday,YOU know no one cares-right?..."


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