Who pissed in the county's sandbox? part one


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Q) Who pissed in the county's sandbox?

A) Sheriff Randall "Duke" Wellington.

The problem is 3 fold.

#1-He's still doing it.

#2-Others are aware of it

#3-The 'aware others' are doing nothing about it !

What am I talking about ?

The Mahoning County Sandbox !

Atty.Vince Nathan, Special Master assigned to 'the sandbox' by U.S.Judge David Dowd has filed another report: REPORT OF THE COURT'S EXPERT WITNESS.

Now y'all know that Atty.Nathan's deemed *our* Mahoning County Criminal Justice System "dysfunctional"-IOW(in other words), we won't play in the sandbox together.

Ok, now that wouldn't be so bad if it just affected those IN the sandbox. The problem is, their lack of desire/ability to play together causes the sand to get kicked out in to *OUR* lives.

Did you ever make fried greens w/ endive and / or escarole and didn't rinse the greens properly?-yeah you didn't get all of the sand out and when you bite into,what you had hoped was a mouthful of delicious greens, you get some sand 'tween your teeth-yuck! That just ruins the whole batch of greens, what *would* have been a wonderful delectable delight. Did you ever put an engine together only to find that you didn't quite blast ALL the sand AWAY ??? When you fire up that engine, parts immediately start to grind away ! Ok, you were in Hawaii, on Kauai and found an unoccupied area, a piece of beach where you,being w/your sweetie, thought that would be the perfect place to make love-on the beach while the warm water of the Pacific lapped your toes while you....well, come on, do I have to do it FOR you ???? Sooo, you take all of your clothes off, make love on the beach, and on your walk back to your hotel,realize that you didn't rinse all of the sand out of your.......well, off of your body. Been there-huh?

If those were the only consequences related to the problem of the 'county sandbox'-things would be manageable.

This report PROVES what I have been saying: The Sheriff is either unable or unwilling to preform his duties and therefor if he will not step down, he must be removed from office before any further destruction happens to the innocent people of this valley.

BOTTOM LINE: THE REPORT OF THE COURT'S WITNESS,filed by Atty.Vincent Nathan, should be the final call to the Mahoning County Officials to 'kick the pisser out of the sandbox'.

more on Wednesday's show....

~Louie b.



part two: more on the report

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