Dysfunctional as charged


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by Louie b. Free (Contact)   | 347 entries


The County's gifted a recycling contract to Mahoning County Sheriff Wellington who's jail's been deemed 'UNCONSTITUTIONAL" in United States Federal Court-let's see, so the Sheriff is unable or unwilling to "constitutionalize" THIS county's jail so let's


his duties/obligations !!!!!!!!-ANOTHER example of the continuing governmental "DYSFUNCTION"-Atty./special master Vincent Nathan was WRONG when he called the Mahoning County criminal justice system dysfunctional-it's THE MAHONING COUNTY GOVERNMENT that's DYSFUNCTIONAL !
The (GOOD) CCA[Community Corrections Association]'s had the contract for a decade and done an ..."excellent job..."{if it's not broken...}22May06 FORBES Magazine's correct calling this area"The Worst City To Start a Business" and we continue to give that more credence!

The FAILURE of this county's - providing minimum safety and security for those LEAST able to function w/o it-the FAILURE of this county to attempt to bring *some* order in OUR courts, the FAILURE of this county to provide minimum safety and security for abused/beaten women and children, the FAILURE of this county to let brave women and men enforce the laws allows me no other decision than to find THIS COUNTY GUILTY of violating the basic precepts of government. The penalty: NO NEW OR RENEWAL TAXES PASSED AND NO INCUMBENTS RE-ELECTED !!!

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