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Bruce Springsteen's creativity's obviously gone the way of Eric Clapton's -SPENT!
Years ago I heard the comedian Jackie Mason say this about Sammy Davis Jr. : "...he sings,dances,tells jokes, does impersonations..he doesn't know what to do !" Well, welcome to Springsteen/Clapton. Hey, no one loved the Clapton's Cream and Blind Faith days more than I. Clapton's sweet riffs on his old, hand -painted Gibson SG caressed my soul. Years later he does that crappy acoustic blues album fantasizing that he was an old delta blues Negro ! Come on Eric ! I have some Blind Lemon Jefferson, Brownie Terry and Sonny McGee,Leadbelly and more( of course I haven't listened to them since packaging drams of hash on the jackets)....I was a 'late' Springsteen fan. IOW(come on now: In Other Words) I was not on the early Springsteen fan but came to love Thunder Road, Fourth of July/Sandy,Backstreets,Hard 2/b a Saint in the City,etc.
Why these guys + guys like Steven Segal who's now trying to 'make it ' as a blues musician do what they do is a mystery to me. Steven Segal's GOT to be able to get laid when and where he wants and by whom(ok, but only if he asked me REALLY nicely+worked some Aikido moves w/me FIRST !), they must have PLENTY of $$$ sooooooo, is the EGO of Springsteen,Clapton + Segal so needy as to desire ongoing stroking ? We stroked them plenty when Disraeli Gears,Born to Run and Under Siege came out and I am NOT stroking them for this current crap. Pull out w/ some +++s= Blind Faith,Asbury Park and Under Siege II and flush this current crap where it belongs. Bruce,Eric and Steven ought to go to Bora-Bora w/lots of frozen vegan burgers for the grille from Michele's @ the Cube and get out of the way for some NEW ,CREATIVE talent ! Bruce,Eric,Steven-thanks for the memories-you can no longer help us on our way so PLEASE get out of our way !
~Louie b.

Bruce and Eric can convert like Sammy-but the bris is gonna *REALLY* hurt!

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