Luciano/lansky style turf protection racket


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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries


I am in possession of the Mahoning County Criminal Justice Working(sic) Group's May 1,2006 Final Report(draft). When YOU read this you'll clearly understand why I refer to the group as the NON Working Group.From the introduction: "In this Court's Order of August 10,2005 which established the CJWG,the Court also ordered that interim reports be filed on Oct.1,2005,Nov.152005 with a final report due by the end of the calendar yr.Toward that end,the CJWG met and worked diligently(sic) to meet the Court's deadlines.
--WOW, I didn't expect the group to be so deceitful in the Report's INTRODUCTION! Talk about " walking in backwards and telling them you were leaving"! It took from last August to May to figure out that we need $$ to jail more people????Gee,I know THAT!-they SHOULD have let me into the meetings and asked me! Folks,I'll give you a more in-depth analysis here and on the show o're the next days. This is what I feared all along the watchtower. A group of public officials running on a treadmill and telling us that they'll AND we'll be in a different location when the treadmill stops!This is also-as predicted-a document that's the result of a Lucky Luciano/Meyer Lansky style turf protection racket.
Lucky:" Hey Meyer, here's some $$$ for yous to hire some lawyers-make sure you can justify the hirings...."
Lansky:" Lucky,Lucky,Lucky,did I ever let you down?--hey,don't answer that,just watch my back and I'll watch yours and remember,NO ONE ELSE is watching OURS..."

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