How patriotic are you really?xc3xa2xe2x82xacxc2x9d


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cherry Says:

April 26th, 2006 at 10:09 pm e
I am not sure how to post on here Louie , so I will post under this message. I hope it works. Sorry for the mix up. I guess I will title this xc3xa2xe2x82xacxc2x9d How Patriotic are you really?xc3xa2xe2x82xacxc2x9d My whole purpose in writing this is to help my son, who went through hell in Iraq to protect each and every one reading this to get a job. To all of you that say you appreciate the hell that our troops go through every dayxc3xa2xe2x82xacxc2xa6here is your chance to do more than offer words and bumper stickers. I bet you are already shrinking away. It is so easy to talk. So easy to buy bumper stickers and magnets and put them on your car to show all around you how patriotic you are. But unless you are willing to REALLY do something, you are nothing but a lair, a fake. Someone who wants to jump on the xc3xa2xe2x82xacxc5x93U.S. patriotic trainxc3xa2xe2x82xacxc2x9d and look good to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. God help me, but it makes me so sick. There are some people that understand what I am saying, but there way to many that have no idea what is happening to so many of our returning troops. To say this is a serious problem is an understatement. Do any of you really know what our soldiers go throuh in Iraq? Watching their friend be blown in half, pulling burned bodies from tanks, holding a fellow soldier who has becaome more than yur blood brother, in your arms as he dies, as he asks you to please let his Mom and Dad know he loves them, all the while you are pressing your hands againdt his chest trying to stop the bleeding even though you know it is to late? Or how about knowing that you are killing people? Worse yet, killing a man in front of his children. As the children scream and cry. Yes, they are the xc3xa2xe2x82xacxc5x93enemyxc3xa2xe2x82xacxc2x9d, but in your heart you know that they are people too. People with families. But you do it all because you are protecting all of the people in the country you love. The United States of America. But instead of pride, you feel pain, hurt, and guilt. Not that you feel you did wrong, but because you were raised to repect life, to be caring about others. You werenxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t raised to kill without a conscience. I canxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t tell you how sick I would get everytime our great president talked about the 30 day debreifing our soldiers get after returning from war. My son went from Iraq to Germany to home in 10 days. THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT! PK back to the reason for this message. It took my son 2 years to get to the point that he could look for a job. It was a war in itself to recover to this point. So I am wondering, where all of you xc3xa2xe2x82xacxc5x93patriotic peoplexc3xa2xe2x82xacxc2x9d, My son could really use some help now. I donxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t mean charity. He needs a job. I know this area is short on jobs. But is there anyone out there that can offer a decent job to a returning soldier that went through hell to keep you and your family safe. My son did not go through the war to ask for favors from the country he served. He fought because he believed in protecting all of the freedoms we enjoy. He saw so many horrible things, lost so many friends, saved others, recieved awards for it to. Now, all that he asks for is a decent job. There has to be somebody out there that is willing to give him a chance. After all. didnxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t he take a pretty big chance for you? Because it is each and every one of you that he took a chance for. I say this from my heart (because my son would never expect anything) donxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t we owe it to our returning soldiers to give them a job. Well, here is your chance. You can ignore this plea, it would be easy. But thank God men and women like my son didnxc3xa2xe2x82xacxe2x84xa2t ignore the plea for help from our country when we were attacked on 911. Because where would we be? Do you really want to be patriotic? Are you REALLY patriotic? If you are, please let Louie know. He knows the whole story on my son. He knows this is legit. The sad thing is, based on what I have seen, I will bet no one calls to offer the chance of a job. But hey, God Bless the USA. Enjoy your freedom.

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