Fairy tale or truthful observation?


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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries


Once upon a time in the Valley Mahoning A.K.A.:The Oroboros Valley,A.K.A:
The City in Love with the Mob,A.K.A. oh well, you know where,there was a deception about to be executed upon a federal judge+ We the People!
I call this fable: "The Telling of a Snow Job and the 7 Dwarfs". I'll tell you the tale in bits and pieces as the story comes together much like a jig saw puzzle and of course, the end has yet to be written.
I can reveal the identities of the Dwarfs.
They are:
Bashful Sweeney,
Grumpy Gains,
Dopey Douglas ,
Doc Billak,
Sneezy McNally,
Happy Tablack ,
Sleepy Wellington, very Sleepy Wellington
---please don't assume that all of the Dwarfs in The Telling of a Snow Job are complicit in the deception as one or more may be honourable! Oh, and remember, this is just the telling of a fable-right? Oh,oh, and if you think that some, most or all of the Dwarfs have REAL counterparts on an area so-called working group,well, VERY PERCEPTIVE of YOU!!!
-2/b continued....

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