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I was physically removed from one the PEOPLE of Mahoning County's Common Pleas Court rooms this afternoon when I refused to leave the courtroom that WE THE PEOPLE have allowed Judge Sweeney to use .
The room was being used by primarily ELECTED PUBLIC Office holders to conduct PUBLIC BUSINESS attempting ONCE AGAIN to do this in PRIVATE! What might be the reason for the privacy/secrecy? These people who's salaries are paid by YOU! These people who collect YOUR Tax $$$$ and decide how it's to be used/spent continue to insist on SECRECY! Can we trust the minutes provided? Gee, I don't know. What's the issue with me quietly sitting there that these folks such as Commissioner McNally,Judge Sweeney,Prosecutor Paul Gains ,Judge Robert Douglas and others discussing OUR business and then 'providing minutes' of the meetings??? Make any sense to you? Outraged yet?-or do you need to PERSONALLY SUFFER at the hands of someone IMMEDIATELY RELEASED FROM THIS DYSFUNCTIONAL SYSTEM as countless have been in this area? This type of "dysfunction" would never be tolerated in the private sector and should not be tolerated by us!-More on the show Wednesday............
~Louie b.

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