Criminaljustice(non)working group day(tuesday)


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by Louie b. Free   | 347 entries


As the meeting of the Mahoning County Criminal Justice (Non)Working Group continues today, there's a new 'twist'. Today's meeting will begin w/the (Non)Working Group members aware of Group chair Commissioner/Atty John McNally's "request" to Common Pleas Judge James Evans for "...copies of the correspondence you received from the following Courts or judges:
*Campbell Municipal Court
*Struthers Municipal Court
*Mahoning County Common Pleas Court judges,individually(including General,domestic relations,Probate and Juvenile divisions)..."
It's ANOTHER sad reality of this group. One year later and just two weeks before the Final Recommendations are due to U.S.Federal Judge David Dowd(due May 1st- after an extension was granted--the original due date was 31 December 05),this so-called "Working Group" is STILL seeking organization and unity.---AGAIN, while those least equipped to deal with the chaos created by this "dysfunctional criminal justice system" suffer the most: the inner-city poor and battered women and children. Do I sound like a 'bleeding heart liberal'? I am not. I am stating facts and reality. Just be glad that it's not your heart that's bleeding as you sit idly by your brother's and sister's blood.
~Louie b. Free

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