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by Louie b. Free (Contact)   | 347 entries


My regular, even irregular listeners know my outrage re: the Mahoning County Criminal Justice (Non)Working Group.Those least able to tolerate this group's uncaring inaction have suffered most-the inner city poor adults AND children + women who are abused by the very men(monsters) in their lives that profess their love for those women.The people who's poor economics and lack of educational savvy that prevents them from moving away from the cesspool which has been allowed to be created by the inaction and uncaring attitude of most members of this NON-Working Group continue to suffer at the hands of those quickly, and in some cases, immediately released from custody/jail. Also suffering are our heroic members of the law enforcement community who don bullet-proof work clothing and risk their lives RE-arresting the same creeps over and over again because of this Non-Working Group's lack of concern for those other than themselves. This group brings to mind the old stories of Mafia chieftains carving up turf among themselves for their own rewards while sucking the life-blood from their own communities!
NON-Working members of this sham group:

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