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I havent lived in youngstown for over 25 years, but I do keep up with whats going on...been following the pot hole patrol. Its funny, but its not. Im sorry for the coditions of the roads you people have to deal with . Its really sad. I have a question. well maybe a suggestion. I saw on Glenwood avenue that the old brick street was peering out from under the black top. Dosent that give anyone an idea? If this old street can survive under all the crap black top then why not remove that black top and let the beautiful brick roads show theyre faces again.  There are miles of brick streets there, I grew up on one.I never could understand why the brick was entombed in that cheap black junk anyway....It may be expensive to remove that black top from those brick streets but in the long run, it would save on repairs to the black top, cars, tires, and would just plain look nicer. Youngstown is an old beautiful city, why not bring back the charm and integrity of the brick streets?

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