What about left wing extremists?


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The DHS released a report to other law enforcement agencies describing US soldiers and white people with morals are just as likely to become domestic terrorists as are white supremacists, and fringe nuts.

They site a handful of isolated incidents to throw a blanket of suspicion over law abiding conservatives.

The report states that being anti-abortion or against gay marriage are signs of a potential domestic terrorist.

The most ironic statement made in this report is that this extremism extends into hatred for a particular religion. Being that it was written by left wing radicals, this interprets into hatred for muslim extremists. What makes this ironic is the fact that these liberals have fought tooth and nail fighting against Christianity. They say it's okay to have a muslim foot bath at the airport but if you erect a nativity scene at Christmas the protests and hate speech begin.

If you do not love muslim terrorists, you might be a domestic terrorist.

If you do not believe in sodomy, you might be a domestic terrorist.

If you do not believe in a woman's "right" to bring a vialble baby to the point of crowning so a scumbag doctor can suck its brain out of it's head, murdering this viable child, you might be a domestic terrorist.

If you stand for the Constitution, you might be a domestic terrorist. Unless you're a liberal and using the Constitution as a tool to destroy the moral fabric of this society which was built as "One nation under God."

Why didn't the report focus on left wing radicals such as peta, the aclu, the global warming nuts, and others who actually do damage the morale and standard of living in this country. They seek freedom by diminishing the freedom of others. A similar incident occurred in Germany around 1939.

The people we need to watch are those that are seeking to limit our rights little by little over time until we become a dictatorial society. The tools and personnel are in place.



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