First-grade basketball mid-season report


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by Eric Hamilton   | 18 entries"> Untitled document

My daughter's basketball season is at mid-season, with Week 5 coming up this Saturday. Coaching a bunch of first-graders has been interesting - but fun.

They don't officially keep score of games in that age group. During the game, I'm so busy giving instructions that I can't possibly try to keep score myself. But I'd say that if our teamn had an official win-loss record, we'd be 3-1. That's if you don't count baskets where opposing players ran with the ball to the hoop and made a shot.

I've been proud of our players for trying hard to avoid double dribbling and traveling. They also haven't fouled much, while playing good defense - even though blocking shots has been frowned upon by the referees, for some reason.

Most of our players have greatly improved their shooting, willingess to pass the ball and controlling the ball, even when going at a fast pace. It's been fun to watch.

Considering the fact that I wasn't thrilled about coaching in the first place, I'm really glad I am.


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