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A few weeks ago, my print column covered the topic of coaching youth sports. I mentioned that I was taking the plunge by coaching my daughter's first-grade basketball team. I just wanted to provide a quick update now that the season has started.

Our first game was last Saturday (Jan. 26). Besides the fact that my daughter forgot her shoes, things went pretty well. (She borrowed a pair from someone). They don't keep score in the K-1 league. If there's a foul, they stop play and explain what happened.

Overall, I was impressed with how both teams played hard, tried to follow all the rules and had fun. I was proud of the way my team played defense and rebounded — two of the key things I've been teaching them. We made plenty of baskets, too.

My goal for this week is to give every player on our team opportunities to have open shots. Last week's game was really fast-paced and it was hard to slow down and create chances for every player.

But mainly, I'm glad the team had fun and I did, too. And since the coaches are allowed to go up and down the court with the players, I was able to work up a little sweat, too.




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