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by Eric Hamilton (Contact)   | 18 entries


So, here I am, blogging for the first time ever. 

I chose the name of this blog to be Bacon Bits for several reasons.

First, I love bacon, whether in strips or bits. Secondly, I envision using this space to share my random thoughts on anything from sports, community information, food and pretty much any other things that pop into my cranium.

It will include "bits" of information, sometimes longer posts, but more likely quick, short entries. It won't be a dissertation, more like a rambling of thoughts. Stream of consciousness writing is awesome.

So, I hope you check back here every day or two to see what I've come up with. My goal is to entertain, inform and use it as an outlet for creative writing.

But I also want YOU to comment on my posts. Share your thoughts and ideas on whatever topic I've come up with. Ideally, this will be more of a conversation than merely a place where I ramble on about things you couldn't care less about.

(Eric loves bacon. He also enjoys hearing from readers. You can contact him at />