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They say the first step to kicking any addiction is admitting you have a problem.

I have a problem — there, I said it.

Despite my extreme affinity for football, I had never played Fantasy Football until last season. I guess I thought it would take up too much time. It turns out, I was right.

I played for the first time last year. I checked my lineup and the injury report EVERY day. I set my lineup once, twice, or more each week. With so much time between games, it gave me plenty of time to screw things up. Ultimately, I did pretty well — finished second in my 12-team league.

Already this season, I've started. I've been doing mock draft after mock draft to develop a strategy for whichever pick I get in my draft this year. I'm reading blogs, looking at rankings and can't wait to get started.

Are there any other Fantasy Football addicts out there? I'm sure there are.

So, here's a thought. Let's organize our own support group and join a Yahoo league together. It'll be a way for us to bond and play for Fantasy bragging rights.

What do you say - are you in?

I created a Neighbors league on Yahoo - It's called Neighbors and the League ID number is 157522. The password is addicts.

Go register a team now. We will pick players through a live Yahoo draft on Friday, Aug. 24 at noon. There's a limit of 12 players for this league - first come, first served.

One last thing — this isn't just for men! I'd love to see some female football fans jump into this league.

Let the addiction begin...


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