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by Eric Hamilton   | 18 entries"> Untitled document

When your kids get off the school bus tonight, give them a great big hug.

Especially today, as news of the massive school shooting in Connecticut spreads. One estimate says that 18 elementary school children were killed, along with several adults. It's hard to fathom such an act and how many people are hurting right now.

Sending your children to school is supossed to be OK. You never expect that they won't be home for supper that night. It seems that our schools are becoming less and less safe. You hear stories of bullying, fighting, guns, knives — hardly a safe haven.

Clearly, the majority of schools are safe. Not just safe from violent students, but also from adults who for whatever reason want to harm innocent children.

More and more of the details in this latest tragedy will be released in the next few days.

Meanwhile, I'm thankful for our family's decision to homeschool. It might be challenging and not the norm, but at least I know my kids are safe.

I'll be praying for all those families whose lives changed forever today. I hope you will, too — and give your student lots of hugs and kisses tonight.


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