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After the success of two Youngstown inner-city gardens, a South Side man is establishing a vineyard

Concord grapes are one of my all time favorite fruits, but you can also add other varieties to widen the ripening window. In addition to Concord, I can recommend King of the North, which tastes almost as good but ripens about 3 weeks earlier, and is a little bit easier to grow and very vigorous.

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Design underway for final stretch of Mill Creek MetroParks Bikeway

Fantastic news!!!!!!! I've been hoping this would happen for years. For those of us in the valley, we can use this beautiful trail 9+ months a year. Now it can also become a nice quality of life destination for active people in the northeast quadrant of the state and western PA. It really is that nice. Plus the new YMCA in Austintown should be fairly close to it. Thanks to everyone who's working to make this happen!!!

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After early April snow, Valley fruit growers surprised

I drive myself crazy worrying about the handful of fruit trees in my backyard, can't imagine how difficult it would be to make a living doing that. Kudos to everyone around here that does it. Looks like I might get a handful of peaches and plums this year. Apples and tart cherries look solid. My best blooming peach tree was the "Veteran" variety. Hopefully Whitehouse will have their huge blackberries again!

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MetroParks director shares budget breakdown, plans in aftermath of dismissals

Also, I understand no one likes to see anyone forced out of a job, but new workers replace older workers all the time and the world hasn't stopped. I'm perfectly willing to give this director a chance. On a side note to 2muchtax's comment about the sled riding hill--> the misting system that makes snow for the rocky ridge hill works great. When I was in high school, cold dry winters meant no sled riding. Now my kids can sled much more often in the winter. Also the new playground at the top of the sled riding hill is a big improvement. To me, it seems the park is in good hands.

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MetroParks director shares budget breakdown, plans in aftermath of dismissals

I've been a regular at the park for 35+ years. My grandmother met my grandfather there. My great grandfather helped build the Wildcat next door at Idora Park. The park is my kid's favorite place now. For me, it's pretty simple: Is the park worth to me what I pay every year for it in property taxes. The answer is a resounding YES!!!!! Cased closed, I'll spend my time worrying about something else. And for the record, the farm across from the Canfield Fair has beautiful views from the bike trail and is well worth the trip if you've never been there. We go there during the day in the summer and are often fortunate enough to be there when they let the farms animals out to roam in their play area. It's awesome. Why would you not want families to enjoy something unique like that? Your average home owner probably pays around $6 a month for the park levy!!!! If the older generation around here is too bitter to pay $6 a month for something so wonderful because they don't like some business decisions, then God help us all. No wonder so many people I know have left for areas where people have no objection paying a little bit for a better quality of life.

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Canton company to donate 5 acres near Meander Reservoir to park

You could put a small frisbee golf course there. That would be very easy to maintain and could always be changed later. I'd love to see some pickleball courts somewhere in the area. Fun game, anyone can play and the courts are less expensive than tennis. Of course, tennis courts would be great also. Since it is off the bike trail, some type of technical mountain bike obstacle course could also work.

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Youngstown mail-processing center still processing

There are about 20 mega package sorting facilities for the entire country. Each handles millions of parcels a week. Comparatively speaking, the Warrendale plant is actually pretty close to us.

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Four counties applying for state funds to complete Lake To River Greenway

I love the bike trail and can't wait for this to get completed. I can't imagine the red tape that has to be dealt with to complete a project like this that stretches across a good chunk of the state. If an average 70 foot driveway cost about $8000 to install, a 1 mile driveway would be about $600,000. I know this isn't totally an apples to apples comparison, but I don't think it is that ridiculous. The trail also has to be designed by an engineer and lawyers must be hired to deal with right-of-way issues. This trail and Mill Creek Park are both fantastic and my son and I have been waiting for the day when we can bike out of our driveway in Austintown and ride all the way to Lake Erie.

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Ice skating returns to Wick Recreation Area

For safety reasons, it has to be extremely cold for the ice on the lake to get thick enough. I assume with this new idea they will have a liner that holds an inch or so of water. This should have a much better chance of freezing. Sounds like a reasonable plan.

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Youngstown, university officials hope to build on group's ideas for YSU-downtown-river link

I've kayaked the Mahoning recently and couldn't believe how nice it was. If Y-town could do something like Dayton just did, it would be amazing for the area. We really lack outdoor active sport opportunities around here. There really is nowhere to kayak or mountain bike.

see --->

The Dayton project may sound ambitious, but do a search for “OKC Riversport Rapids” to see what Oklahoma City is up to with their downtown river!

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