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Business owner: YPD refused to respond

Ya well McGeachy should keep his people's mouths shut when they come into public places and talk about paying this man to take his van so he can trash it and collect the insurance. Further more, Mr. McGeachy has warrents himself and it totally blows my mind that he even went to the police. He is a criminal and he will pay, he's pretty dumb so it's just a matter of time till he gets busted.

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Citizen steers police to North Side teen in purse robbery

Nice, I was listening to the police scanner when this was taking place... pretty scarry. Never take your safety for granted.

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Business owner: YPD refused to respond

The fact of the matter is Mr. McGeachy is no better and his license I am sure isn't valid, and I am sure he knew his employee wasn't either. He didn't report the van stolen, he reported unauthorized use, that changes the whole situtation. When the police say this is a "unique" situation because of the circumstances because they know the facts and that was flows out of McGeachy's mouth is bs. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!!

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