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Water contamination is concern in oil and gas drilling

Stan, Woody... good to see other points of view. Thanks for the link.

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Water contamination is concern in oil and gas drilling

Yeah. This sucks! Our city has bought the story from the big business folks hook, line and sinker. Our area is perfect for pulling one over on us. They will use us, pollute, make billions then leave. No one will ever be held accountable for anything.

Don't forget to test for Napthalene, Benzene and all the other 500+ chemicals used in fracking. These companies will deny EVERYTHING! When you can't even bathe at your own home a day after drilling starts near your well, no one will find any connection between drilling and the new state of your well.

Drilling companies push to circumvent the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Superfund and anything that makes them adhere to safe standards. They fight to make sure they do not have to disclose what chemicals they use in the process. The EPA isn't even allowed to do what the agency was created to do. Why?

Water moves... via groundwater, surface, air, back into Meander, our wells and eventually us.

Didn't we already go through this stuff many years ago? Isn't our water, air and soil finally almost okay? Why are we so willing to start it all over again for what seems to now be like 60-100 new jobs at V+M Star (after the temporary construction jobs have ended). Isn't it in the contracts that the workers cannot be in unions? Pay isn't that great compared to our grandparents' wages in the steel mills.

Is it a coincidence that the Mahoning Valley has the highest cancer rates in the country? Do you think it has anything to do with the glory days of steel making and pollution here?

We believe what they feed us with their huge pockets for advertising and lawyers. It's not our fault we aren't armed with knowledge when we have the day to day to worry about.

I would love to have an informative discussion/debate (a heavily promoted and advertised one) with representatives from both sides and even in the middle presenting us with cold, hard facts. You can't really argue with facts, and that's why we should have them at our disposal.

The sad thing is that we probably can't win, but the very least you can do is stop pretending this is a good thing.

If we concentrated on important issues like fracking instead of hassling bicycle riders on the YSU campus and signage for local businesses, we might be okay.

I love this city. Being used by greedy corporations does not make me very happy.

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