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It has been happening ever since I can remember and probably more than people realize. If a judge, lawyer, prosecutor, cop or one of the many corrupt politicians get pulled over they just get a ride home. I wonder if they tuck them in bed too. Your question has been mind boggling to me for a very long time. Why don't the people of this Valley clean house, vote them all out and see what happens. Wouldn't you rather take that chance than putting these people back in office over and over again. There should be term limits for every office.

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Action needed to reduce violence

DwightK - Don't you understand that the YPD does not go into those dangerous neighborhoods? It is not a matter of witnesses, it is the problem with the drug dealers, who have a lot of money, paying off the cops to let them alone - which they would anyway because they are afraid to go into those neighborhoods. The cops are crooked, most (not all) of the judges are and so are a lot of the attorneys who make backroom deals. Six years for murder? I know someone who got 10 years for 4 ounces of cocaine. Now he is out, he has felonies on his record so he cannot get a job, what is he supposed to do? He did his time, wants a job and custody of his daughter but can't until he has a job, a home and hospitalization. How is he going to do that when the first question on an application is "do you have any felonies"? Should people get second chances or are they supposed to pay for the rest of their lives and people wonder why they go back to selling drugs, duh. Businesses won't hire you if your background check has bad credit. Does that make any sense. Again, what are these guys who did their time and want to do things right going to do? God help you if some power hungry cop is out to get you just because he does not like you. This is why I got out and what a difference between Ytown and where I live.

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Y’town lawmakers be warned

Pat - That seems like it will never happen. There are too many crooked politicians making too much money. It is up to the voters to make a clean sweep of all these people who claim they want to help Ytown. Do you think they care about Ytown? They don't even live in Ytown. The drunken cokehead who is the Prosecutor should never be able to be elected for five terms. There should be a limit like other elected officials. Even the President can't run for more than 2 terms and he needs more than that to help this country from financial disaster. Mark my words the dollar will be worth nothing by the end of the year. People better wake up and pay attention, It is sad but the Mafia ran Ytown much better than the people who replaced them.

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Lack of clean drug tests to hold back Valley hiring

Anyone who thinks that addicts are "weak" or "have no will power" obviously knows nothing about addiction. By the way out of 88 counties in Ohio, Mahoning County has the most herion and oxycontin use of all. The sad thing is the YPD are afraid to go into the areas where drugs are sold and/or are paid off to leave the dealers alone. Some of you people are clueless and should not speak of what you know nothing about or choose to hide your head in the sand because it has not touched you or someone you love. I am speaking from experience. I am 53 and had a 10 year addiction. A doctor prescribed me addicting medication without informing me that there are severe withdrawals if you stop taking it. However, after trying many ways of getting clean I finally did it and now help other addicts get clean and stay clean. Mahoning County is a cesspool - when I was in town last I bought a tee shirt that says it all - it says "Youngstown (with a picture of a rifle under) Ohio - 4 Time Defending Champ - "Murder Capital of America" - '95-'97'-01-'02 - "Come Heavy or Don't Come At All!" Ytown has a bad reputation, downtown is a ghost town and you people keep voting for a coke head for Prosecutor and all the other corrupt judges and politicians. Vote them all out and you might see some changes. My family was extorted out of $7,500.00 and I can prove it. What I did instead was get the hell out of Ytown.

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