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Confidence at 5-year high

Its an AP story larry, pick a side, either side with your repub buddies by jumping on the AP is furious at the Obama adminsitration for wiretapping and will not tow their water anymore, or that is a true piece and the President is actually doing a good job even with all the blocking at every turn of the Republican machine to make this country fail for this President, as they made plans to do on the night of his innaugeration. You cant have it both ways larry.

May 30, 2013 at 9:17 p.m. suggest removal

Medical co-pays for sentenced jail inmates initiated

MacGowan, you are hanging around with too many criminals who seem to be telling you horror stories. I have toured the the health facilities at the jail and had to make a report, and believe me, they are better than some doctor clinics I have been to. The get some great care there at the jail and as 123 said, you are in jail, you are getting better than you deserve.

Secondly, who sued the jail for cruel and unusual? oh yea, the inmates. They are actually unhappy with their facilitites that had to commit a crime in the first place to get them there. If you look back on it, it was mostly for overcrowding and that was pretty much a joke. As I said, I had to tour the entire jail facilities, and eat one of their meals, along with 15 others and write a report on how it was. Dont believe everything you hear Lt. check it out for yourself.

May 30, 2013 at 8:59 p.m. suggest removal

Southern Baptists urge continued ban on gay Scouts

I agree with Toycannon, it does nothing to show that they 'hate' gays, it just shows that they are a group of prejudiced individuals who assume to speak for God and know his innermost thoughts. I wonder what makes them feel it is "wrong?" Could it be a handful of bible verses, usually taken out of context.

In that case, instead of haters they would just be elitist's who pick and choose which verses are the most relevant to them. They skip over the over verses that tells what the rest of the 'sins' are. As I see it, as long as you go to church each week and absolve yourself of your sins, then you should be more than afforded the right to live an open and loving homosexual life with your partner. Isn't that what absolves other sins, going to church?

And if that is the ONLY thing that absolves sin, shouldn't the non-church going public be banned from serving in the scouts, or marrying, etc, since i believe I was taught that sin is sin.

People against gays doing anything that the non-gays can do are just bigoted religious zealots, who would be much better served living in a commune of some sorts with their own ilk, (much as a certain pastor said of the gays, to 'fence them in together.'

I don't expect straight people to 'understand' why I am gay, if you could, you are probably gay yourself. I don't 'understand' why others are straight, it just is and I accept them for it. If it wasn't for straight people, us gays would never be born. So thank you, and keep your bigoted opinions to yourself.

February 20, 2013 at 8:01 p.m. suggest removal

Mayor’s race gets clarified

I don't understand how this turned into a Phil article either, but I will add my 2 cents I guess. I also think Phil is a good man with good intentions, however he is not without concerns. While I don't think anyone should stagnate in one position, I am a little uneasy about Phil's changing jobs often. As I am not usually the cynical type, and again, knowing that Phil is an overall good person, I will give the benifit of the doubt that he has just been trying to learn a lot about the City. That being said, he has gone from Judge magistrate or assistant, to Youngstown downtown events coordinator, to MVOC, to the Regional Development to his current business that I believe I saw when it first opened, that it was done with a rent free grant from the City, all under 10 years.

If I was the cynical type, I would wonder why he could not stay in any of these positions for a protracted length of time, if they are all good for the City. Much how I dislike Josh Mandel for his, "never stay at a job until it's completion," I would think that any of those previous jobs would provide long term help and support to the City he loves. I appreciate Phi's service to his country, I appreciate his service to the City, but I am not sure if he is ready to handle the running of the City without some experience on council.

January 11, 2013 at 10:32 p.m. suggest removal

NRA calls for armed police officer in every school

I am very torn on this issue. As a bleeding heart liberal, I really want tighter regulation on all automatic guns and most semi-automatic guns, and the elimination of high caliber, large capacity clips and ammo being outlawed. I do think every citizen is guaranteed the right to own a handgun or rifle for protection and sport. I also think that NO sale can be completed without a 5 day waiting period and background check.

On the other side, I am not opposed to having armed security in schools that request it. The caviat being, I would like them to recruit from veterans coming home from war, and not weekend warriors or union police looking for another pension.

My two biggest problems, are that 1) most people commenting on this board come from the NE "room 222" school houses where the room entrances are all inside with securable entrances to the outside. Being from Southern Calif. most of our schools have outside entrances and separate buildings and cooridors spread out over a large campus where 1 armed guard cannot possibly patrol the whole school, or lock it down.

2) I am really upset that gun manufacturers spend most of their money coming up with faster/deadlier ammunition and guns, instead of safety features. It frosts my butt that I can use my cell phone to record on my DVR or start my car miles from home, and I cant have an electronic lock on a gun.

(lastly on a personal note, I gotta give Blah a lot of credit on his birth and abortion comeback to Walter)

December 21, 2012 at 7:39 p.m. suggest removal

Ohio shale jobs at 38,000

I am calling BS on this "study", an offshoot from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and we know what partisan hacks they are. So if we take them at their word, if there is 38,000 jobs derived from the workers at 3.5 - 4% average, means that we have had 10,965 direct shale jobs created so far. I have not seen that increase, and I would like to see those facts of where those people have got jobs.

As they say, you can a study to tell you anything, depending who does the story. I wouldn't trust the U.S. Chamber as far as I can throw them.

December 20, 2012 at 8:21 p.m. suggest removal

Ban fear fuels run on assault weapons across Mahoning Valley

These extremes we see here are what is causing the problem, we have the nutty owners who think they are entitled to assault rifles for "protection" from a boogey man that doesnt exist, or the nutty ones that believe there still isnt enough of those type of guns out there that will never go away. We need a common sense middle ground. There is no need for the average citizen to own more that a rifle or handgun. Auto weapons and multi round clips are not necessary for "protection"

We also have to address the mental health and violence culture as equal parts of this bad medicine.

Some ideas here are insane. You don't arm the teachers. All that does is create a situation where a child can find or steal a gun in the classroom, and a scared teacher will have to have the steel backbone and calmness of mind to take another life. Not going to happen.

As far as the Ten Commandments in the school, that's YOUR job Bigben, whoever the parent is should be teaching the religion you practice, and not our schools. Believe or not, there is more than 1 religion and who know's what's right and wrong about the others.

If we only had handguns and rifles, I could see adults taking them to their school in college, but again, there is absolutely no reason to own automatic or semi automatic assault weapons. Their only purpose is to kill people.

December 19, 2012 at 8:06 p.m. suggest removal

Obama doesn’t weep for all

Unfortunately, the letter writer and those that agree with her cant see the forest thru the trees. I have used the same argument as Blah in other posts. Most Pro-Lifer's are just Pro-Birth. Make the person have the baby, but dont fund any after care because that is wasteful government spending. Make an 18yo go on foodstamps or welfare to feed 2 instead of just care for themselves. In that same forest comes contraception availability and sex education in the schools. Let's not teach them how to prevent pregnancies, let's not let them have protection to stop pregnancies, lets just make them have the baby that is unwanted and burden to the state.

Also Ulistenup obviously cannot follow logic if he believes there is a correlation between caring for unwanted babies and the elderly or poor, etc. Those people already were born if you can see that logic. The babies you dont want to have to take care of are not yet.

To be frank, the real Pro-life people are the one's that support abortion. Of course we want the baby to survive in a loving home, but we know if that is not always possible, and the person who is responsible for that baby should have the choice for it's future. We will not let that baby start 10 squares back. Have you ever looked up the dictionary for what Planned and Parenthood mean?? It is the act of planning for being a parent. They are there to hopefully give them the options of what can be done if they have the baby, and if that is not a viable option, they do offer the abortions as a very small percentage of their work.

Oh and by the by, those gay people you are trying to vilify.... They are the ones usually adopting the children you just want to be born and put into foster care or orphanages. I would say thank you to them if I were you instead of condemning them. They are really the ones doing God's work.

Religion can be very good for the soul, but let it heal each soul individually and let God sort it out, it's not really your place to do it. Don't judge, lest you be judged...please try to remember that.

December 17, 2012 at 10:32 p.m. suggest removal

Kasich’s turnpike plan merits bipartisan consideration

Toycannon, I am trying to be more sympathetic to yours and others views lately, but most of what NoBS says is true. I have mentioned this on another thread about this as well. While I am not entirely opposed to Kasich's plan, the fact is that current law states that all monies generated must be used within 1 mile of the turnpike. That is a good law and one that needs to be put into Kasich's plan. I wouldn't mind some redistribution, say 20% for outside road/bridge projects and 80% within 1 mile of turnpike.

This is a good job creating solution, and can work, but there has to be strict guidelines in place to ensure that it does not bankrupt the system, nor can more than a large percentage of funds be used more than the 1 mile mark from the Turnpike.

December 17, 2012 at 9:53 p.m. suggest removal

UPDATE: 28 dead in Connecticut school massacre; shooter ID corrected

We need to chat over coffee Toycannon, will definitely be a lively debate, but it would at least be respectful. =) Happy Holidays.

December 14, 2012 at 10:46 p.m. suggest removal



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