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Order blocking Okla. Islamic law measure extended

Amen Stan!! God bless America!!!!

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Arrest warrant issued for missing homeless man

Did they really think that a homeless man would show up fot court? What a bunch of fools.

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Ministers join together to rid the city of urban blight

yep, those dems reward bad behavior at 17 have 4 kids 4 different dads hey no problem just get more welfare & free housing and probably all utilitys paid too. Time for this crap to stop!!

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Ohio teacher accused of sleeping on job is fired

God bless her who the heck would want to deal with these kids now a days all those years?

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Obama warns GOP could reverse progress

progress? what more people on foodstamps? this guy is a flippin clown.

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Hundreds stand for Clinton address today in Boardman

people have short memories wasn't he impeached?

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Contractor willing to work with Traficant on casino complex construction

Anyone ever hear of this guy? Guess need to reseach him.

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Clinton to stump in Valley for Dems

who cares? dems are really in trouble and they know it!!

October 24, 2010 at 11:50 a.m. suggest removal

Valley needs Ryan in Congress

I can't stand little timmy boy, time to send this jerk home!

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