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Youngstown council refuses to OK deconstruction plan

Let Novotny at it. Its good to see some young blood trying to be proactive in this town. And how is this showing hostility towards a modern mechanized world? It seems to me that instead of senseless waste he is trying to turn trash into tresure so to speak. Will it be hugely profitable? Probably not, but in this town in this economy every dollar counts i would think

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Red-hot Indiana ices Phantoms, 6-2

pretty good overall (other than losing) attendance was pleasantly surprising. much much better than last year. some of these kids have a ton of talent.

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USHL awards team to Zoldan

i agree, the ushl is great, but the people that know hockey are not the people you have to sell it to. the casual fan that has nothing to do on a friday night is what is going to make money and for good or bad the vast majority of those people conotate (hope that is spelled correctly) hockey with the fighting. zoldan already has my money i am easy i will go to any hockey we have because i love it. but until more people in this town realize what hockey is, junior level will be a tough sell. tier 1 or not

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USHL awards team to Zoldan

just to throw a little more gas on the fire, anyone notice that the pens name bylsma head coach of the pens? that same dan bylsma was formerly an echl player.

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USHL awards team to Zoldan

who did what for youngstown has nothing to do with it. it is a bidding process and covelli is willing to pay the most money. if bruce wanted the naming rights he could have out bid covelli, but obviously didnt think it was worth it. as far as ushl vs echl. hey whatever, as can be seen by most on this site half want echl and wont support ushl and the other half is the opposite. ridiculous but that is life in the YO. enjoy while it is there

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Hockey deal for Chevy Centre advances

with that being said, i hope that bruce and his minions at least have a plan on how they intend to convince people that this is good hockey, just because you say it is good doenst make it good. they better step up the marketing, and maybe get with the chev people to make the prices on food pop beer and team gear more inviting.

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Hockey deal for Chevy Centre advances

hey whatever, i would prefer echl just because in my opinion it will draw a bigger crowd. but i like hockey so i will still support the ushl, i just hope that the majority of people that wanted the pro level dont turn their back because they didnt get what they wanted. the ushl is coming, so at least give it a chance with and open mind.

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Deputy's home raided; guns, drug equipment seized

once again, this is not ypd. this is a county issue. not a city

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Deputy's home raided; guns, drug equipment seized

first off anyone whoe deosnt think there are shady cops in every city suburb and township in this country is either an idiot or very blind. be that as it may, whayt does jay have to anwer for? he is the mayor of the city, not he county which is what deputies are, county

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USHL chief cites league’s top quality

lets see, jeff christian owned a house here and his wife was an attorney at a local firm, chris richards still owns a house here and his wife before having a child worked for a finanacial company, three of the players that stayed in the off season had jobs as well as their wives.girlfriends. and the ahl comment was an example, i dont expect to get that level here. but the fact remains that the ushl kids will definelty be gone in a couple of years, where the other might stick around long enough to get to know them. and one other thing, whether you like or not the ushl kids are not old enough to go into a bar and hang out. after the games they have no interaction with the town (i am sure there are special events), so most people will just go home. part of the reason to get any team here is to help the local economy which includes bars and restaraunts. steelhounds level players can for the most part go to a bar and hang out with the it or not this makes people more interested in the game as a whole. i am not trying to argue either, any hockey makes me happy, i go to phantoms games now and have been going for years. so dont cop attitude because someone has a different opinion

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