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Plans unveiled for historic downtown building

Honestly, why anyone would criticize people attempting to open businesses in Youngstown is beyond me.

If George Wick were alive today and announced plans to open a steel mill on the banks of Mahoning river with the support of Rep. Ryan, Gov. Strickland, Mayor Williams and subsidies from the US government...people on this forum would be screaming about it.

Business owners are attacked here just as violently with words as are the victims of violent crime.

I am a firm believer that nay sayers must not only propose alternatives when they give their opinions or tear down the efforts of others, but put there plans into action. I CHALLENGE you to DO what others are DOING. Run for Mayor, open a business, clean up the streets. Renovate your own building.

It is easy for people who think they are powerless to sit around, complain and wait for someone to save them.

Go out. Find support for YOUR idea. Talk to REAL people and CREATE something.

That is what Wick, Butler, Arms, Ween, Packard and hundreds of entrepreneurs in the Mahoning Valley did. They did not do it alone...They had community support. They had help and support from others. They formed Boards of Directors. They secured loans. They hired contractors. They executed plans that had real quantifiable goals.

Or would you rather perpetuate the current state of affairs by tearing down everything? DON"T DO WHAT WORKS...wait for Santa Claus to bring you a steel mill this Christmas so you can go back to work and complain about your job.

I moved away, but I'm coming back. I want to open a business in Youngstown and BUILD a community. Now I know I won't be supported when doing so by certain people, who would prefer Youngstown stay asleep.

Some say that where there is emptiness, there is space for whatever you want to put there. Right now, the emptiness in Youngstown can be the home of crime, ignorance and reverence for the glory days that are long gone. It can be the home for hope. It can be the home for possibility and prosperity.

The power of the human mind is that it can create and solve problems. Youngstown has a lot of empty commercial, retail, residential and industrial space. What can we put there?...ANYTHING.

Who would you invite?

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